11/13 – Jeff forecasts a “cold night with rain” for Sunday night

11/13 – Jeff forecasts a “cold night with rain” for Sunday night

Tonight will be another cold night across southern Mississippi. Temperatures will drop into the 30s in quick order. Upper level clouds flowing along with a slight shift in winds should maintain temperatures above the freezing mark in most locations.

Monday will provide a brief style transmission. The wind will turn into a flow from east to southeast. A system to the west will form in the western Gulf of Mexico near Texas. Will follow east during the day. Our temperatures will soar into the 60s as cloud coverage increases during the day.

By tomorrow evening, partly cloudy skies will be in place. Chances of showering increase to about 40% during the evening hours. The system will operate in the area and a steady rain will fall around or shortly after midnight. The strongest activity of rain and thunderstorms will be in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday. Chances of showers and thunderstorms will be reduced throughout the morning with nearly all activity over by noon. Precipitation totals can approach 2, with some areas receiving locally higher amounts.

Clearing will begin in the second half of Tuesday as the cold pattern returns. The remainder of the week will be less than the season. The next tangible chance of rain after the storm system will be early next weekend.

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