10/26 – “Cold” Wednesday night forecast for Brittany

10/26 – “Cold” Wednesday night forecast for Brittany

10/26 – “Cold” Wednesday night forecast for Brittany

Upstream flow is expected to remain logical across the region today and night before Pacific Coast turbulence reaches the southern Rockies tomorrow. This will make the upper flow southwesterly, and the surface flowing east to southeasterly late Thursday. Expect little or no cloud cover during daylight hours tomorrow, although a little precipitation late in the day tomorrow cannot be ruled out across the west. The western disturbance will be in the southern Rockies on Thursday afternoon and will move east on Friday through Texas before tracking northeast into northern Louisiana on Saturday. Humidity values ​​won’t start increasing until Thursday night, and they won’t reach even an inch until midday Friday. Friday should see a gradual increase in upper level clouds, with more chances of rain from the west by sunset on Friday, but the sounding forecast will not be supportive of thunder at that point.

I can’t rule out some high thunderstorms late Friday night or Saturday morning before higher levels of drought prevent even that late Saturday. It seems like a decent chance of much-needed rainfall with this system, around 1-1.5 inches (in higher amounts locally), but nowhere near eliminating the lack of rainfall we’ve accumulated over the past six weeks or so.

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