10 Best Roadside Assistance Plans in 2022

10 Best Roadside Assistance Plans in 2022

10 Best Roadside Assistance Plans in 2022

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Our top picks for the best roadside assistance plans

There are four providers that stand out as the best providers on the road: Progressive, AAA, Better World Club and USAA.

Buying a roadside assistance package through your insurer is usually the cheapest option, but premium services like AAA or Better World Club may be worth the extra charge.

#1 Progressive: The best roadside assistance overall

Progressive Roadside Assistance is only slightly more expensive than other low-cost competitors, while also offering better benefits. The most commonly useful emergency roadside services are towing, winching and lockout services. Progressive offers all of these, and Progressive’s towing service has a longer range than similar competitors.

If you already have progressive car insurance, going with progressive roadside assistance is a no-brainer. Even if you don’t have Progressive, we recommend that you check with your insurer for its extensive coverage. To learn more about the provider, read our full Progressive review of auto insurance.

#2 AAA: Features of the best plan

AAA Roadside Assistance is the gold standard in roadside assistance plans. AAA offers three different policies: Classic, Plus and Premier. The Classic plan limits towing to five miles, but with the Plus plan you can tow your vehicle up to 100 miles, which is much further than most roadside assistance packages.

Even with the most basic AAA membership, you have access to Department of Motor Vehicles (MVD) services in some states. AAA can help you complete all the paperwork you would normally do at the DMV such as vehicle registration, title and plate renewal services. Instead of going to the DMV, you can do these things at the AAA office, and AAA covers all the necessary fees.

The benefits of Plus and Premier AAA memberships are that they offer coverage for locksmith fees, trip interruption, emergency medical transportation, and even windshield repair. Read our full AAA Insurance review to learn more about the provider.

#3 Better World Club: The best green roadside assistance

Based in Oregon, Better World Club is committed to providing great roadside assistance while protecting the planet through its 100% carbon neutral services. This provider is the only green roadside assistance and car insurance company in the space. Plans are available in all 50 states plus Canada and may even offer bike coverage.

Better World Club has proven its commitment to clean and environmentally friendly transportation through its B Corporation (B Corp) certification. Certified B Corps are recognized for adhering to the highest environmental standards and initiatives to create a healthier world.

You can choose between two viable roadside assistance packages: the Premium Auto plan and the Basic Auto plan. Both plans offer towing, jump-starting, tire change, lockout service, winch, trip routing and additional discounts. Each new member pays a $15 registration fee, but this can be waived for new members transferring from AAA to the Better World Club. If you’re interested in learning more about roadside assistance from this provider, check out their website.

#4 USAA: Best value

We think USAA car insurance provides great value, and that sentiment extends to the roadside assistance program. While the included services are limited, at $14 per year, it’s among the cheapest ways to get roadside assistance. Even if you only use it once a year, USAA Roadside Assistance is worth the premium. Read ours USAA Insurance Review to learn more.

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