2024 iPad models will have hybrid OLED panels that are cheaper to make and don’t give off a ‘wrinkled’ look

2024 iPad models will have hybrid OLED panels that are cheaper to make and don’t give off a ‘wrinkled’ look

Apple will eventually switch from mini-LED to OLED technology on future iPad models, but according to the latest report, this won’t happen before 2024. However, instead of switching to flexible OLED panels, the company will apparently use hybrid OLED screens for two advantages; lower production costs and increased quality.

LG and Samsung could be in charge of mass production of hybrid OLED panels for iPad models in 2024.

The problem with flexible OLED technology is that not only are they more expensive to manufacture, but they also leave a more ‘crumpled’ appearance, especially when used in larger devices. Given that the iPad Pro series that could be launched in 2024 could have OLED panels, that ‘wrinkled’ screen look could turn off a lot of buyers after paying a premium for those tablets.

A report published on The Elec stated that Apple intended to use hybrid OLED technology on future iPad models, with reduced production costs being just one incentive. Unfortunately, finding a supplier to mass produce such panels could be difficult, although previous reports have commented that Samsung and LG are expected to take the lead. Samsung at the beginning refused to develop two-layer tandem OLED panels because there was not enough financial incentive for the manufacturer, but it is later agreed.

Apple probably would placed a larger order, which encouraged Samsung to continue development. However, at this stage it is not clear whether the Korean giant showed the same enthusiasm when asked to mass produce hybrid OLED panels. LG also said yes please help apple in this matterbut given Samsung’s resources and expertise, the latter is likely to get most of the orders.

For now, Apple will continue to use mini-LED panels on the high-end iPad Pro and MacBook Pro models before gravitating to hybrid OLED. We’ll see what improvements come with newer technology, so stay tuned for more updates.

News source: The Elec

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