5 reasons to update your iPhone before your next trip

5 reasons to update your iPhone before your next trip

5 reasons to update your iPhone before your next trip

Apple recently revealed its latest operating system update — and we’re lucky that its travel features are new and improved.

new program, iOS 16.1, Compatible with iPhones newer than the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus or iPhone SE 2016. The update comes just a month after Apple released iOS16 and also about a month after it was unveiled iPhone 14 . series.

Here’s everything to know about the latest software, and why you should make sure your phone is up to date before your next trip.

Renew the translation app

Are you traveling to a destination where you don’t speak the language? The translation app has received some improvements, including on its camera. Now, after capturing a video, the user can pause it to have live subtitles superimposed on the captured text, and can also zoom in on the display of any fine print. You can now also translate text in photos in your photo library. In addition, the system added Turkish, Thai, Vietnamese, Polish, Indonesian and Dutch.

Apple has also improved Live Text to recognize any text in photos and videos. As Apple explained, phone users can pause a video on any frame and interact with text, including the ability to convert currency, translate text and more, all on the go.

Multiple stop maps

Apple has updated several key features of its maps, including adding multi-stop maps so that you can finally add more than one destination in a single trip (think: long road trips where you need to plan gas stations, hotels, rest stops, and more). In addition, Apple noted On their website, maps will also sync across your devices, which means it’s now possible to look up directions on your Mac and see them on your iPhone.

transit cards

Those who use Maps can see their transit cards without leaving the app. In the Maps app, travelers can also see how much your trip will cost with fares. You can also add your transit cards to Apple Wallet, where you can check your balance and renew your card when needed.

Keys for multi-residence rooms

With the new iOS16 and iOS 16.1 updates, Apple has made it possible for travelers to use a single digital key that allows them to check-in and unlock their rooms for each upcoming stay they stay in hotels under the same brand. This represents an upgrade from its already existing relationship with hotels like Hyatt, which has become The first hotel chain to partner with Apple to make his keys available in Apple Wallet in 2021.

In addition, you can now share your keys in Wallet via messaging apps (including Messages, Mail, and WhatsApp) with your friends and family.

Access to Apple Fitness

Now you can stay consistent with your workouts no matter where you are because Apple gives everyone with an iPhone access to the Fitness app. No need for an Apple Watch. Using the app, users can track goals and steps, interact with third-party fitness apps, and more. And perhaps most importantly, the update includes an upgrade in the Health app, which now includes a medication feature to help users manage and track medications, which can become a complex task on the go.

See all updates and How to download new operating systems here.

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