7 Best iPhone Chargers in 2022 — iPhone Wireless Chargers

7 Best iPhone Chargers in 2022 — iPhone Wireless Chargers

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It’s not much scarier than glancing at your iPhone’s screen and realizing it’s only 3 percent battery life. We’ve all been there: panic sets in and you start thinking, where is the nearest charger? while racing around the house or workspace and you’re scrambling to find a random outlet where you might have left some kind of power cord.

Even if you don’t go into instant fight-or-flight mode when your phone is about to die—maybe most people, unlike me, are responsible adults who don’t wait until the last minute to find a charger—they have tools to Power up your device in the moment is always preferable to trying to reload at the last minute.

That’s why we’ve explored the many options for keeping your iPhone in good shape around the house. No more panicking to find a nearby power outlet – these cables, adapters and docks will charge your phone at breakneck speed, and come with cords long enough to reach wherever you’re sitting or with MagSafe pads that give your fingers a rest. Plus, they’re all available on Amazon right now, so you can speed up your charging with fast Prime shipping.

The best iPhone chargers

What to consider

Not all iPhone wall adapters and charging cables are created equal. It goes without saying, but the default charging cable that Apple usually bundles with its products is the best option for safely charging your phone and ensuring the longevity of your iPhone’s battery.

But, of course, Apple products are expensive, and several brands offer their own alternatives to first-party products at a lower price, albeit sometimes at the expense of battery life. To ensure that your iPhone will extend beyond future Apple generations, look for products that are MFi certified or built for the iPhone/iPod/iPad. MFi accessories and devices must undergo multiple tests and pass a quality inspection by Apple itself to carry that badge. If MFi is on the product box, Apple has confirmed that it is safe and reliable.

This rule also applies to wireless charging via MagSafe. MagSafe chargers, which magnetically charge your iPhone, emit up to 15 watts of charging power. From the iPhone 13 onwards, the standard charging cable is Lightning-to-USB-C, which can support up to 30 watts of power. However, without the proper wall adapter, your iPhone won’t be able to handle that much juice. A power adapter (PD) can increase the charging power of your cable, speeding up charging.

How we chose

To find the best iPhone chargers from Amazon, we looked at the top-rated cables, cords, docks and stations available from the online retailer. We also took into account reviews from critics and competing publications such as Cutter and computer mag. All items on this list have an average customer rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Most products are also from trusted tech brands that have earned MFi badges for their products.

Looking for more iPhone products? Check out our picks for the best iPhone accessories, USB car chargersand MagSafe cases.

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