The launch of the .. the launch of the .. the take off of the fallout 76 It was a disaster.

From the unforgivable mistakes and data breaches, to the collector’s edition items that were the exact definition of the words “false propaganda,” the lauded series went from controversy to controversy after the launch of its first MMO. Fallout 76, according to most people, was dead on arrival.

But four years later, to everyone’s astonishment, the basement residents still reappeared. Not only are they still actively and obsessively playing, but they do some pretty weird stuff, from black markets, Shakespearean bands, and full-time courier services, all the way to role-playing cannibals and camp serial killers. I wanted to know why Fallout diehards are still not only playing the game they once mocked, but why their obsession with 76 MMOs takes them further than was ever intended. This is the inside story of the weird and wonderful fans who are still playing Fallout 76.

IGN Inside Story is usually available as a video documentary and as a written article. But on this occasion, I feel strongly that the documentary video format is the best way to experience this story. And that’s exactly what we did: This inside story is video only.

I’d like to watch the full video, hear the voices of the Fallout community, and follow my journey into the wasteland. I’ve met some wonderful people, and our adventures together cannot be realized with written words alone. However, if you’re still not sure, here’s some info about the weird and wonderful Fallout 76 fans I met who were kind enough to show you a whole new side of the nuclear apocalypse. We hope these details will entice you to check it out.

Legacy gun hunter

Matt Wells is an old arms dealer and hunter. Not sure what one of these is? In the video, Matt showed me some of his impressive photos (and very Lethal) for valuables, explains what ancient weapons are, how they came to be, and how Fallout 76 fans began trading weapons on the black market under the supervision of volunteers. It’s an underground world that introduced me to our next character…

Wasteland Courier

Prissela plays Fallout 76 exclusively as a courier for other players, ensuring that risky and high-stakes deals run smoothly. She is qualified, trained and has a Trustpilot rating. Behind Priscilla’s duties is an emotional story about how she entered this “vocation” due to unfortunate events that happened in the real world, which you can learn all about in the video documentary.

theater manager

Northern Harvest is the director of a Shakespeare production group called The Wasteland Theater Company. He shares his stories of the band’s history and concept, and please invite me to audition for their upcoming production of Shakespeare’s classic comedy, A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

cannibal rituals

Darth Nick is a founding member of the infamous Fallout 76 clan of cannibals, EATT (Creation of Appalachian Taste Testers). Darth Nick introduces me to the world of role-playing cannibals in Fallout 76, shows me around their hidden lairs, and invites me to take part in their incredibly bizarre start-up process.

Trap camp builder

Jeepin Jeeper is the brother of cannibal Darth Nick, but he tastes more than just virtual meat. His specialty is designing and building elaborate trap camps, houses resembling horrible buildings designed to lure unsuspecting players/victims for a one-way visit. I get an invitation to one of his favorites and it’s not going well for me…

Podcaster Fallout

Kenneth Vigue is the founder of CHAD: A Fallout 76 podcast, a long-running audio-drama chronicling the miserable (and funny) life of a wasteland survivor. But Kenneth isn’t just a podcaster. He’s also the creator of Fallout For Hope, a fan-created charity campaign that not only helps fellow wasteland dwellers in need in the real world, but also a children’s cancer research charity, all through the Fallout 76 vehicle.

This is just a small taste of my adventures in the Appalachian Mountains. I hope that’s enough to convince you to watch the full documentary. But if you’re still not sure, why not check out the trailer?

Dale Driver is IGN’s UK video leader and would like to thank Matt Purslow, Katie Laurence, Will Batchelor, Danielle Jones and all the amazing Fallout 76 players who helped and contributed along the way. Follow Dale on Twitter.

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