A collection of websites that look like desktops

A collection of websites that look like desktops

A collection of websites that look like desktops

Web design has come a long way since those days of Web 1.0. There are a lot of rules about how to create a clean and efficient website, but sometimes it’s fun to shake them and get creative instead. in this context , [Simone] He has curated an impressive collection of websites that simulate the desktop experience on your computer online.

The group’s site fits very much into this theme. When visiting, the BIOS award screen flashes. From there, we get a Windows 95-like interface filled with links to other sites that mimic the layout of your computer’s desktop. There’s even a 3D screensaver that pops up if you hold your mouse away for too long.

there Browso . appwhich almost accurately tells you information about your computer in a topic reminiscent of macOS 9. At the same time, clicking “As if you were doing a job” would strange game This is convincing in her repetition of office banality. Night Wave Plaza It offers fantastic vaporwave vibes, while others simply intend to faithfully recreate it Different operating systems in the browser window.

It’s a fun collection of websites that go from oddly familiar sites to impressive recreations of past reality. It sure is fun to click some time and see what’s out there. We love some good ephemeral web about these parts!

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