A successful fitness program starts with an open mind and total self-motivation!

A successful fitness program starts with an open mind and total self-motivation!

A successful fitness program starts with an open mind and total self-motivation!

As a professional trainer, I constantly surprise people when I say that certain personality traits have more to do with the success of a fitness program than lifting weights and eating. You see, weight lifting, nutrition and behavior change only go so far. If the person is not open to trying new things and full of self-motivation, the success of the program is limited.

I am always honest and open with new potential clients and learners when they approach me for my services. They’ve heard about how hard kettlebell training is and tell themselves they want to do it right away, but when they actually start doing it they realize that true fitness comes at a price! If you don’t have the mental fortitude to allow the process of molding your body to take place, you never will. There is no quick fix, miracle pill or fad diet to save you from your fitness woes. Your body has to go through physical hell to come out stronger on the other side. True fitness and strength training programs are only successful because of the dedication, commitment, consistency and open-mindedness of the participant. Personality trait is everything. The thing is, I’ve had to tell people they weren’t trainable. It’s true, most people just don’t have what it takes to be truly fit.

Now I don’t want to sound arrogant by saying this, but the numbers don’t lie. The fact is, most gym memberships are only used by about 15-17% of the people who sign up for them. Of those 15-17% who actually try to embark on a fitness and strength program, only about half a percent know what they’re doing. Despite the billions of dollars flowing into the health club industry here in the US, this country is still the fattest country in the world. People are not only physically soft, but also mentally. The latter is the real culprit. Diet and exercise plans must be attacked head-on. It’s all about lifestyle.

So before you decide to embark on your successful journey, make sure you “convince” yourself that it will be a success before you start. When you do, never make half an effort. Make a full effort. Remember, anyone can train hard temporarily, but only the best train hard and smart indefinitely!

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