ALG Vacation Survey shows that more than half of US adults prefer specialist help if travel plans fail

ALG Vacation Survey shows that more than half of US adults prefer specialist help if travel plans fail

ALG Vacation Survey shows that more than half of US adults prefer specialist help if travel plans fail

Newtown Square, Pa.–() – A recent study by ALG Vacations and their brands Apple Vacations and FunJet Vacations found that most American adults are not prohibited from traveling because of the prospect of another global crisis, and most of them accept aid. ready to do. Professional travel advisor to avoid unexpected issues.

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The study, which was conducted by the independent agency, Atomic Research, surveyed American adults about their vacation habits, as well as questioning what motivates travel plans and even travel success. To what extent social media is relied upon to assess

Key Survey Highlights:

  • The survey revealed that 57 percent of American adults believe they would benefit from a specialist handling unexpected vacation issues.

  • The same study also found that 55 percent of adults are willing to spend more for vacation upgrades.

These sentiments are even more prevalent among the younger demographic.

  • Nearly two-thirds of those in the Generation Z (ages 18-25) and Millennial (ages 26-41) generation say they would appreciate expert help if a vacation doesn’t go according to plan.

  • Twenty-four percent of Generation X-aged residents (ages 42-57) would also be open to specialist assistance, but this view is shared by only 48 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 58-75).

  • Gen Z-ers (56 percent) and Millennials (67 percent) also indicate a willingness to spend more on vacation upgrades.

  • Most Gen X-ers (55 percent) also share that opinion, but only 43 percent of Baby Boomers (ages 58-75) say they’d be willing to spend more on vacation upgrades.

“The statistics clearly demonstrate that Americans are ready to travel – and they are ready to do it right,” said Emmy-award-winning journalist and leading travel expert Stephanie Oswald. “You should use the services of a travel advisor from a company with a sterling reputation like ALG Vacations as an investment. This is a business decision that can save travelers time and frustration, but also gives them affordable travel and accommodations. It also helps in finding a place and avoiding unnecessary travel related expenses.”

The nuclear study also revealed the large role of social media factors in travel plans. More than half of American adults surveyed (53 percent) say they scroll through social media for holiday inspiration. Nearly one-quarter (27 percent) even said they care more about the response they get from their social media posts than the actual holiday. A similar percentage also said that the success of the holiday is based on likes and comments on their photos. More than one in five men (22 percent) and 15 percent of women admitted that they had unfollowed social media friends because they were “jealous of foreign sites (friends).”

As North America’s leading leisure tour operator, ALG Vacations works with travel advisors to plan every element of a traveler’s stay, and the group’s portfolio includes more than 250,000 hotels in more than 1,300 destinations worldwide. The company has started “Ask a Travel Advisor” Service for those considering planning a trip.


ALG Holidays (ALGV) is part of the Hyatt ( and managed under apple holiday group (ALG), a leading North American resort brand-management, leisure travel, and hospitality conglomerate with a unique business model serving travelers and destinations around the world. ALGV is an amalgamation of powerful and growing holiday brands widely recognized to provide industry leading leisure travel experiences across the globe. ALGV was voted ASTA Tour Operator Partner of the Year in 2020 and 2021. With over three million passengers annually, ALGV boasts well-established vacation brands, including apple holidays, Funjet Vacations, travel impression, south west holidays, Blue Sky ToursAnd joint leave,

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