All Star Battle R had surprisingly high sales in the US while MultiVersus fell off the charts completely

All Star Battle R had surprisingly high sales in the US while MultiVersus fell off the charts completely

All Star Battle R had surprisingly high sales in the US while MultiVersus fell off the charts completely

And it looks like there are still people who don’t own Smash Ultimate yet

Fighting games can still be considered a somewhat relevant genre in the industry’s grand scheme, but this niche seems to be constantly growing with the number of titles now constantly topping the sales charts.

The NPD . group It recently released its September 2022 sales data, which revealed JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle R was among the best-selling games in the US last month while MultiVersus completely fell from the ratings.

JoJo’s fighting game managed to finish the month in the top ten overall in eighth place, beating Elden Ring, which is impressive given a slew of other big game releases during September such as FIFA 23, Splatoon 3 and The Last of Us: Part 1 .

For single consoles, All Star Battle R ranked highly among them all as it ranked 6 on Xbox, 9 on PlayStation and 10 on Nintendo Switch.

While the JoJo franchise is probably more popular in the West now than ever, these results are still pretty surprising considering All Star Battle R is an improved re-release of the game that came out nearly a decade ago.

It certainly shows that a fighting game could sell well without a net-declining code in 2022, but we don’t really see All Star Battle as a sustained success post-launch.

Without a strong online and a broader community thrust, JJBA: ASBR will likely end up down the same path as the original as fans enjoy serving the fans for a while and move on.

We hope that these strong initial sales numbers will lead Bandai Namco to make the new JoJo fighting game in the future to take full advantage of this global popularity.

For those not around, MultiVersus failed to plan at all for September, a pretty significant drop from its first two months – although not bad news in and of itself.

Warner Bros. combat platform. new It was launched as the best game in the US in July before dropping to the fifth in August.

This was also an impressive feat for the title because NPD keeps track of their ranking in dollar sales, so it wasn’t just based on MVS being a free-to-play game

Looking at the August NPD sales, it becomes quite clear why MultiVersus hasn’t been there for 3 straight months.

It seems that the NPD group only counts MultiVersus sales through Founder’s Pack Edition purchases only, so any money spent within the game itself doesn’t count toward its performance.

Maybe all is well for the game Considering that he broke multiple records after release. We just won’t know how well it works without the World Bank telling us.

Perhaps most impressive of both JoJo and MultiVersus, however, is the sales success of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate continues, and the game is almost 4 years old now.

In addition, Sora appeared as the last character over a year ago already.

Smash Ultimate still ranked fourth on the Switch bestseller list in September and is number 17 for the entire year in terms of dollars made for Nintendo.

So don’t expect 28.8 million copies to stop growing anytime soon.

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