American Made is making a comeback

American Made is making a comeback

If you’re like me, you never expected America to be the #2 or #3 economy in the world. Unfortunately this is where we are. How could that be? How come we haven’t learned anything from past recessions?

Well, the good news is that American manufacturing is making a comeback. The US has hit rock bottom and there is nowhere to go but up! Once we realize that the US dollar shortage is non-existent. The federal government prints millions of dollars every day to put them into circulation around the world. Where are those dollars?

The formula that the top 10% of the population has 90% of the money has been cited. The main money makers are putting the funds in the bank and keeping them. Some lucky companies have expanded while the not so lucky ones have collapsed.

What is the answer for the US? How can we bring this economy back from disaster and keep other countries like China and Japan taking our place as the best in the world? The answer is very simple: “Buy American”.

We have witnessed the collapse of the banking system, the housing market, the car manufacturers, even our clothing line has plunged deep off the economic cliff. All of our “leaders” in Washington sat back and watched this unfold, and eventually the bubble began to burst across the American continent.

We all know the rest of the story. Part of the problem with the recovery is that some are waiting for elected officials to save the day. The truth is that we have to rebuild it ourselves. You, me, your neighbor, your mother, brother, father, friends, family, etc.

It’s time for America. It’s time to roll up our sleeves, turn off the TV and get to work. American manufacturing returns from the depths of bankruptcy. It starts with someone with vision, passion to make a change and someone with courage and nerves of steel to take a risk and get back to work.

Sitting around complaining, blaming or pointing fingers at the world will not bring us back. The good news is that manufacturing in the US is coming back.

Look for the Made in USA label on the products you buy and in no time we can prove to the world that we are the superpower! Some examples of American companies that build products through the hard work of good fashion are outdoor sports. One in particular is paddle sports. Kayaks, canoes and SUP, or paddle surfing. And to help the rapidly growing sport are kayak and canoe trailers made to transport them to different destinations.

Now paddling enthusiasts can be proud to have purchased an American made kayak trailer. US companies are coming back, but it will take all of us, the consumers, to buy products made here. Keeping the dollar here supports a multitude of people, actually creates jobs (unless politicians running for office promise to do so), and supports all of our infrastructure.

Buy American, Save America! It’s easy.

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