Android 13 comes early for adventurous Nothing Phone owners (1).

Android 13 comes early for adventurous Nothing Phone owners (1).

Paranoid Android brings its first alpha of what it calls Topaz

The None Phone (1) is an unconventional phone in more ways than one. Its design is an instant conversation starter – whether it’s the semi-transparent back panel or the relatively stock Android UI, it certainly caused a stir when it first hit our radars. Less spectacular is the software support as Android 13 update will not arrive for the device until first half of 2023. Fortunately, there are other ways to run the latest release of Google’s software on your device, and that’s through Paranoid Android.


The developer-led team behind the custom ROM published in July that they will start developing for the Nothing Phone (1) thanks to the huge amount of resources made available to them. Paranoid Android managed to get its Sapphire based on Android 12 shortly after.

Fast forward to this weekend and the team has moved to Android 13 with their first alpha Topaz. The first phone he got? Of course, the phone None (1).

The Paranoid Android team took the time to answer some questions about the new ROM Twitter, ensuring that the group will frequently update versions with security patches. In response to another question about moving from alpha to beta in the future, the team said the transition will be seamless. The custom ROM it weighs just over 1.8 GB and will erase all existing data on your Nothing Phone (1). As always, it’s a good idea to back up your device data if you ever intend to switch from one operating system to another.

It should take a few months for the PA team to be stable on Topaz, but that will still be way ahead of Nothing’s official goal of rolling out Android 13 to the phone (1). In fact, it could work with Samsung’s best suite in the larger context of the Android 13 update.

The Paranoid Android team also showed off a default Topaz custom ROM wallpaper, called Supernova, designed by a Swedish artist Hampus Olsson. You can view the wallpaper here.

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