App behavior could quickly reveal the impact of T-Mobile’s Black Friday ad: Peralta – Beet.TV

App behavior could quickly reveal the impact of T-Mobile’s Black Friday ad: Peralta – Beet.TV

App behavior could quickly reveal the impact of T-Mobile’s Black Friday ad: Peralta – Beet.TV

Advertisers looking for a quick guide to the success of their Black Friday ad campaigns may want to take advantage of what mobile networks can see about their customers’ behavior.

App Insights from T-Mobile Advertising Solutions uses captured data about actual app ownership and interaction with mobile subscribers to create targeted audiences.

In this video interview with Beet.TV, Mike Peralta, vice president and general manager of T-Mobile Advertising Solutions, says this can speed up your visibility time.

Signals from apps

In App Insights, aggregated data allows T-Mobile to create profiles for user groups based on installed and used apps, and to create corresponding user segments.

He. She out of beta distance year in the testafter changing customer terms In April 2021 to automatically share anonymous subscriber data in the scheme.

as To the T-Mobile website:

Navigation data refers to an overall view of the apps a user has chosen to download to their smart device, as well as how often and for how long those apps have been opened, interacted with, and used…

Note: T-Mobile does not use subscriber location data and does not track individual activity within apps.

The system does not work on data of iOS users and iOS and Android users can opt out of data collection through a downloadable application.

instant effect

“Immediately, you can see the impact of how people use your app, and how people download your app,” Peralta says.

“We have the shopping season coming up here in the fourth quarter.

“When you’re doing Black Friday and doing a TV ad, we can automatically see, ‘Hey, here’s the increased usage, people are spending 20, 30, 40% more time on your app.'”

“We can create a direct relationship between that and television.”

Buy privacy

Outside of advertising technology, T-Mobile’s scheme has Raised privacy concerns.

But T-Mobile’s Peralta says the scheme is privacy-friendly.

“We got approval all the way through our senior leadership team about the appropriate use of our data,” he says.

“We use T-Mobile’s first-party network data, right? It’s not cookies.

“As a consumer, I’m on my phone all the time. So we look at that as a much better indicator of who you are and your intentions.

“We take this data and build audiences around it, particularly around app ownership and use, and we’ve had great success enabling this with various brands and advertisers.”

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