Apple CEO Tim Cook Thought U2 Putting Her Album On Your iPhone ‘Not Right’ – Even Though He Did It Anyway

Apple CEO Tim Cook Thought U2 Putting Her Album On Your iPhone ‘Not Right’ – Even Though He Did It Anyway

Apple CEO Tim Cook Thought U2 Putting Her Album On Your iPhone ‘Not Right’ – Even Though He Did It Anyway

long time apple Customers may remember today in 2014 when Irish rock band U2 released a new album Back spam in their iTunes accounts.

band album, innocence songsappeared exclusively on iTunes after Apple CEO Tim Cook launched the new iPhone 6 on September 9, 2014. For a month after that, the album was only available on the platform as part of Marketing Partnership between U2 and Apple.

It was a new style of music distribution for both U2 and Apple, and it took some persuasion to get Cook on board, according to U2 Frontman Bono.

“There is something not right about giving away your art for free,” Cook reportedly told Bono at the time, the Irish singer wrote in his new letter. Diarywhich will be released next week, and extract that he got guardian.

“Do you want to give this music away for free? But the whole point of what we are trying to do at Apple is not to give away the music for free. The goal is said to be making sure musicians get paid,” he said, also asking if Bono just wanted to have fans U2 album.

Bono responded that Apple must release the album to all iTunes users, who can then decide “whether they want to listen to it.” Bono added that he envisioned the iTunes version of innocence songs And the U2 partnership as the start of a new type of subscription service for users to get exclusive early access to their music.

But by Bono’s own admission, he was wrong.

gift to the people

The album reached up to 500 million Apple customers At launch, but as U2 will soon discover, not all of these people wanted it. The band has been inundated with online complaints criticizing the move as a Marketing ploy and breach of privacy. wired It’s called the gift The “U2 Album Nobody Requested” was “worse than spam”. salon He went furtherwriting that the album had turned U2 into a “website” and “America’s most hated band”.

The repercussions forced Apple to do so Create a website After a week of sharing the album it is dedicated to explaining how users can delete the album. In October 2014, Bono released a file general apology For the giveaway of the album, and the first official still says it was a bad idea later.

“I take full responsibility,” Bono wrote in his diary. “I used to think that if we could put our music within reach of people, they might choose to have access to it. Not quite.”

Bono wrote that while he wanted the giveaway to be “subversive,” it instead helped spark “a serious discussion about the arrival of big technology into our lives.” The fallout has also been dubbed a PR “landmine” the band will have to navigate for years to come, though, despite all the backlash, U2 didn’t come out of the disaster empty-handed.

“I don’t think we give it away for free. I think you pay us for it, and then you give it for free as a gift to people. Wouldn’t that be cool?” Bono says he told Cook at the time.

As part of the band’s partnership with Apple, the iPhone maker chose the tab for the giveaway. To release the U2 album on iTunes for free, Apple reportedly paid the band an undisclosed fee as well as committed to a $100 million U2 marketing campaign, The New York Times mentioned At the time, citing internal sources.

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