Apple updates App Store review guidelines about Matters, NFTs, and more

Apple updates App Store review guidelines about Matters, NFTs, and more

Apple updates App Store review guidelines about Matters, NFTs, and more

With the release of iOS 16.1 and iPadOS 16.1, Apple is Update App Store Review Guidelines which is provided to developers who create apps for iPhone and iPad.

Apple updates App Store review guidelines about Matters, NFTs, and more
Apple now requires that apps provide an app review team with full access to an app, with an active trial account or trial mode for apps that include account-based features. The change will make it easier for app reviewers to check all app parameters.

The guidelines now ban any concepts that attempt to capitalize on or take advantage of “recent or ongoing events, such as violent conflict, terrorist attacks, and epidemics.” With the Matter smart home standard now integrated into iOS, apps that support Matter must use Apple’s Support Framework for Matter to initiate the pairing.

Notably, the update prevents apps from using NFTs (non-fungible tokens) to bypass in-app purchase rules. Apple’s guidelines state that apps can sell NFTs and related services using the in-app purchase system, but apps designed to allow users to view NFTs cannot use NFT ownership as a mechanism to unlock in-app features or functionality. NFT browsing apps are permitted, but cannot include buttons, links or other calls to action for purchasing mechanisms other than in-app purchase.

The App Store The instructions also block music from iTunes and Apple Music Previews of its use for entertainment value, allowing apps to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions as long as the functionality is only available in countries where the app has the appropriate license.

Full Apple Guidelines for the App Store can be found On the Apple Developer website.

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