Apple’s new iCloud web interface is more useful than ever

Apple’s new iCloud web interface is more useful than ever

Apple’s new iCloud web interface is more useful than ever

iCloud was available on the web For a long time, but you may not have been in a hurry to use it due to its basic and sometimes high-performance interface. You may have a reason to give it another look. Apple has inserted The iCloud beta web client offers much more information at a glance, with a customizable tile layout that reflects your priorities. It’s easy to switch between apps thanks to the launchers on the home page and menu bar, and you can quickly start tasks (like writing email or adding calendar events) thanks to another menu option.

The renewal also improves access to iCloud+ features like custom email domains and Hide My Email. And if you are freaked out by the idea of ​​losing information, Data Recovery tool will help you recover bookmarks, calendars, contacts, and iCloud Drive files that were deleted within the last 30 days. Except for iCloud Drive, you can restore from certain moments in time. Some features still need to be controlled by Apple devices, including Family Sharing, HomeKit Secure Video, and private relay.

Apple hasn’t said when it might leave the new iCloud web interface for beta testing. We’ve asked the company for feedback and will let you know if we receive a response. However, the tech company is offering this as an upgrade for customers who might be the only Apple product to have Iphone – Easily access content and manage services through your Windows PC browser.

This redesign likely won’t convince Android users to switch, and individual web apps haven’t changed much. The beta version might encourage you to stick with the Apple ecosystem. Besides accessing the web to services like Music and TV+, it also shows that Apple is keen to attract users who can’t (or don’t want to) run custom apps on the platforms of their choice.

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