Autopilot Money Making System: How To Create One

Autopilot Money Making System: How To Create One

Since the early 2000s I decided to learn how to create an automatic ball system to make money. I got inspired after I bought an e-book that taught me how to make money on eBay. But it was the e-book itself that sparked a light bulb moment that continues to inspire me to this day. After buying the book, I realized the simplicity of selling a downloadable digital product that could be sold online without dealing with any customers or even physically posting anything.

After writing a couple of ebooks and trying to sell them from a website, I realized I was out of my depth! So after buying a few online courses that taught me basic marketing techniques, I found another business model known as affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a referral-based business model where you refer customers to other people’s products. Referrals can be made in any number of ways, but most are made online through automated marketing strategies: blogging, list building, advertising, and using various digital marketing strategies.

A sale is made through a unique tracking link that is tracked back to the referring affiliate. So when a sale is made, the person who referred the sale gets credit for it and they get a commission. The Product Owner is responsible for dealing with customers and delivering the product. So it’s a system that can be used to generate income on complete autopilot.

As an affiliate marketer, you get paid to refer customers to online products and services. If you can learn the tools of the trade, you can make multiple sales completely on autopilot using tools and software that can run themselves. As I learned later in my affiliate journey, you can also promote products that bring recurring commissions. These are products such as memberships and software products that carry ongoing fees. If you recommend a product that someone uses in an online business, you can earn commissions on an ongoing basis, potentially for years, or at least for the lifetime of the customer.

One of the primary tools for affiliate marketers is an email autoresponder. With an autoresponder you can collect email addresses from a website and deliver an automated sequence of emails to your subscribers. As your list grows, you can make multiple sales by using affiliate links in your email messages.

An email list is important to affiliate marketers because it means they can maintain and grow a number of subscribers to whom they can promote affiliate products. Top earning affiliates grow their email list to tens and hundreds of thousands of subscribers. A single email to this audience can generate multiple sales, and it can be automated too!

The “sales funnel” is an important aspect of an autopilot system for making money. The sales funnel starts with an advertising platform that leads website visitors to a landing page where they enter their email. At this point they enter the sales funnel and start receiving email messages.

The affiliate who owns the list will send messages (on autopilot) helping subscribers with a certain topic. So, for example, if someone signed up for golf tips, the messages might be about playing golf. Instructional videos can help you learn the correct technique, for example. In addition to providing value in the emails, the affiliate will also promote affiliate products to their list.

The first product in the sales funnel is an “entry-level” type of product that is affordably priced. Many subscribers will not buy the product, but some will. Once someone buys a product from the sales funnel, they are automatically offered another product that has a higher value.

As the customer moves through the sales funnel and makes a purchase, they are then offered higher value products that offer greater value. Using a sales funnel that offers multiple products is one of the best ways to create an automatic money making system that is profitable.

Many affiliate marketers make the mistake of choosing low-value physical products that don’t earn much when they make a sale. I also made this mistake when I first started learning. By using higher value products, you can earn much more with the same amount of effort. Subscription products and high ticket products are best to use for more profit.

Using a sales funnel like this has another benefit as well. With low value products it is much more difficult to run paid marketing campaigns and make a profit. But with high ticket and recurring income products it is much more achievable. If you use low-value products, you will need to use cheaper marketing strategies such as blogging. It can take a lot of time and effort to gain traction when using cheaper marketing strategies like this. With paid advertising you can run an ad campaign and see results almost immediately.

The other advantage of using a paid marketing campaign for an online business is that it is scalable. With organic strategies you can spend months creating content and waiting for it to eventually gain some traction and start making sales. With paid marketing it’s immediate. You will immediately see if it works or not. Once you’ve created a profitable campaign, you can scale it up simply by increasing your marketing budget. This is not so easy with content marketing (eg blogging).

The best autopilot system for making money that I have found is the affiliate marketing business model. There are thousands of products online that you can promote as an affiliate marketer. If you choose subscription and high-ticket products to sell and use a range of products instead of a single product, you can get more traction faster by using paid marketing strategies.

Of course, there are other ways to generate income online with the affiliate marketing model. Blogging, vlogging, and using social media marketing are three other strategies you can use to sell affiliate products online. But whatever strategy you use, getting an autoresponder and building an email list is worth it. It is definitely one of the things that have helped me the most in building an online business.

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