Biden administration creates tougher penalties for failing nursing homes

Biden administration creates tougher penalties for failing nursing homes

Biden administration creates tougher penalties for failing nursing homes

WASHINGTON (AP) – The worst-hit nursing homes will face severe punishment if the situation in their facilities does not improve, the Biden administration announced Friday.

Some nursing homes, where more than a million people are housed, are subjected to intense scrutiny Nearly two years later, COVID-19 exposed subpar care and overburdened staffing Which was stuck in facilities for a long time. Nursing home residents are significantly more likely to die from COVID-19; As of February, more than 200,000 nursing home workers or residents had died from the virus.

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President Joe Biden promised to overhaul the country’s nursing home system during his State of the Union address in February, but some of those initiatives have yet to be fully implemented.

The new guidelines announced on Friday will apply to numbers less than 0.5 country nursing homes, The facilities are already designated as “special focus facilities” because of past violations and are on the type of monitoring list that requires Medicaid and Medicare centers to be monitored regularly.

Starting Friday, those nursing homes will lose federal funding if they receive more than one dangerous violation — rule-breaking that puts residents at risk of harm. They will also be monitored for at least three years. The CMS will also consider the staffing level in the nursing home when adding facilities to its watchlist. At present, 88 nursing homes are on the list.

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“Let us be clear: We are cracking down on enforcement of our country’s worst-performing nursing homes,” said Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Becerra.

The agency is studying the staffing ratio in nursing homes for the purpose of implementing the requirements. The study is expected to be completed next year.

The administration also announced $80 million in grants to be given to health care organizations, trade groups or labor unions to train and hire nursing staff. Organizations have until January 6 to apply for the money.

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