Britney Spears: I traveled six hours to see my mom, but she ignored me | entertainment

Britney Spears: I traveled six hours to see my mom, but she ignored me |  entertainment

Britney Spears: I traveled six hours to see my mom, but she ignored me | entertainment

Britney Spears says her mother Lynn ignored her after she traveled for six hours to see her.

The 40-year-old pop star – who regained control of her multi-million dollar fortune and various aspects of her life when her family’s guardianship was ended in 2021 after 13 years – claimed she once traveled for hours to see her mother, but claimed that she She was more interested in her mobile and only asked her to feed her younger niece Jimmy Lynn, who was a baby at the time.

Along with a picture of the late Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn holding a gun for the 1964 movie When it Beeps, Britney tweeted: “So embarrassing…literally me for the rest of my life!!!! So exciting to be on guard and secretly afraid of people!!! Being like my mom and sitting in a chair** while my daughter drives for 2 hours to see me and it takes a 6 hour ride! She just stayed sitting with the phone in her hand and she gave me a hold finger… and said “sorry give me a minute…go get the IVY’S bottle” ( so)

The songmaker “…Baby One More Time” went on to compare herself to the “My Fair Lady” actress, stating that she would mimic the behavior seen in the teaser image “for the rest of her life,” but she assured her audience that – unlike Audrey in the photo – she didn’t carry a weapon. In fact.

She added, “It must be nice to be so comfortable with me….meanwhile, this is me for the rest of my life with confidence and a laid-back attitude!!!!..all good friends!!!”

Her comments come just weeks after the “Hold Me Closer” singer demanded her mother “go by herself” in an Instagram post after she tried to apologize for her actions during guardianship.

Britney exclaimed on Instagram: “For 13 years I’ve had to meet the doctors a week to bring up my past which only made it worse!!! The public… were either stoned or drunk ****!!!

“I was the mother of the saint who was afraid to move or I knew my father would put me somewhere if I didn’t cooperate…even in America, the land of the free!!!! and still put me in the ward of myself!!!! yes!!!

After her public rant about her family, Britney directed her anger at Lynne Spears, days after she used the comments section of her pop star’s daughter’s Instagram account to apologize for “anything and everything” that hurt the “Toxic” singer and urged her to reach out.

Britney wrote: “Mom, take your apology and go yourself!!! And to all the doctors for ****** in my mind… I pray you all burn in hell!!! Before my mother f*****a**!!! (sic)”

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