Can a bluetooth device be cyber attacked?

Can a bluetooth device be cyber attacked?

Can a bluetooth device be cyber attacked?

The FBI provides information on Bluetooth cyber attacks during Cyber ​​Security Awareness Month.

Odessa, Texas – October is Cyber-Security Awareness Month And the FBI is doing its part in keeping citizens informed about a variety of threats.

Now they are warning citizens that it is not just your computer, phone or any other device that uses Wi-Fi that is at risk, but also devices that use Bluetooth.

Bluetooth devices include things like smart watches and cameras.

“So, some of these devices I said connect primarily via Wi-Fi but a lot of them rely on Bluetooth. And a lot of these devices also have Bluetooth activated as a default. … and this is what criminals look at in a way because Bluetooth doesn’t have a lot of the security measures that other wireless interfaces do,” said FBI special agent Sergio Barrio.

While you should still keep an eye on all your devices using Wi-Fi, the FBI wants to make sure you don’t forget about anything connected to Bluetooth, too.

The precautions you can take according to the FBI are very simple.

“The best thing to do is to first look at the devices that are on your network. If you look at your router, it will list every single device connected to your Internet. So maybe start there if There may be a device you don’t know about is connecting to your Internet or you forgot about it,” Barrio continued.

The FBI also suggests turning off Bluetooth on your devices whenever you’re not using them to keep them from becoming compromised.

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