Can the right MDM for Android TV improve your work environment?

Can the right MDM for Android TV improve your work environment?

Can the right MDM for Android TV improve your work environment?

With the increasing popularity of Smart TVs across the world, the demand for Mobile Device Management (MDM) Software is flying. Notably, a reliable MDM for Android TV devices is something the industry looks forward to.

In a global market full of competing operating systems, Android TV continues to claim its place as the operating system of choice. Google’s operating system for smart TVs is quietly gaining enough following, despite the initial market share of popular TV brands. The number of Smart TVs running Android TV (including those running Google TV) increased from 80 million in May 2021 to 110 million by January 2022.

Android TV vs Other Smart TV Operating Systems

Android TV is a practical option for TV makers, as they don’t need to build their own operating systems. Granted, it’s completely understandable why some companies choose to do this. Many TV brands also produce other smart devices such as mobile phones, tablets and watches. Developing your own Smart TV OS means better integration with your other smart products and services. It also means full control of which applications and programs end up in the Smart TV menu.

Of course, there are drawbacks to building your own Smart TV OS. The operating system is expensive to maintain and ensure its compatibility with all of its apps. This is the main reason why many smart TV brands update sporadically with unique operating systems.

Many producers let Google run the show. In exchange for a standard license fee, Google’s Android TV can take over the entire operation of the smart TV. Android TV’s main claim to fame is its heavy integration with the wildly successful Android OS for smartphones and tablets. This means that most applications found on Google’s Play Store will also run on Android TV-powered smart TV sets. The convenience and cost-effectiveness of not dedicating enough resources is what drives TV makers to opt for Android TV. This is why TV brands and telco operators are happily letting Google cater to their operating system needs.

Reliable MDM required for Android TV devices

Hoping to capitalize on the growing market for video-on-demand services, telco operators are adding smart TVs or set-top boxes to their broadband services. Consumers with popular but data-hungry apps on their smart TVs like Netflix and YouTube tend to use more internet. Operators hope that easier access to streaming apps will prompt customers to upgrade their internet accounts to accommodate the increased demand. After all, smart TVs are the best way to enjoy streaming services like Netflix, HBO or Disney+.

As more and more customers sign up for bundled services, telco operators and TV makers will start assembling a larger fleet of Android TVs. As a result, these operators will need reliable MDM software to keep all equipment running smoothly.

Relying on outdated or default device management software may prove inadequate for today’s fleet maintenance demands. With hundreds, thousands or even millions of customers, telecommunications companies can no longer afford to send field service technicians to perform critical updates or installations. They also can’t afford to provide over-the-air updates with outdated, outdated protocols that take days or weeks to complete. Market-to-market turnaround for critical updates and installations, minimizing downtime for fleet devices.

Key Features of MDM for Android TV

Given their large customer base, telcos need a smart and efficient way to update across scattered devices. They require a reliable mobile device management software that supports the following features:

Cloud-based system for remote services

At a minimum, telecommunications companies need a cloud-based system that can support low-level device management and ad-hoc. To ensure speed, security and reliability, MDM software must run on a cloud platform such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS offers low latency, redundancy, and end-to-end security and encryption.

Can the right MDM for Android TV improve your work environment?

The cloud-based system provides full remote capability to MDM software while managing and maintaining all fleet equipment. It also means that system administrators and IT teams can service equipment remotely, reducing or eliminating the need for support calls and personal intervention.

assignable access level

The ideal MDM system can also provide different access levels for different stakeholders within the organization. System administrators issue permissions to IT support teams to access software systems and make changes to settings. Sales, marketing and executive teams can access device usage data and customer profiles to gather insights and strategize for the next sales cycle. Subscribers get User Access permission allowing commercial use of the Device for the duration of their subscription.

strong security

Ideal MDM software should also provide excellent security services to prevent Fleet devices from unauthorized access, theft or data breach. Expired subscription accounts can trigger teams to disable devices until they are renewed. Geolocation and tagging services ensure that each device is exactly where it should be. Any unauthorized change in location may result in the security team freezing or disabling the device. In case of unauthorized access or repeated failed login attempts, security can disable the device and erase its data to prevent data theft.

Improve your work environment with the best MDM for Android TV software

The benefits of a dedicated mobile device management software for the Android TV device fleet are undeniable. They can perform admirable routine management, maintenance and security services for the entire fleet remotely, quickly and efficiently. Remote capabilities mean less need for IT teams to travel to different locations of customers for regular updates. In addition, low-level device management through cloud systems means that telcos can update individual units, groups, or entire fleets at once.

The right MDM for Android TV devices can greatly improve the performance of your support team. Even as your telco business continues to grow, the resources needed to support, manage and maintain fleet equipment remain low. Consider upgrading your software solutions with the new generation of MDM for Android TV devices today!

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