Chinese workers fleeing Covid lockdown at Foxconn iPhone factory in Zhengzhou

Chinese workers fleeing Covid lockdown at Foxconn iPhone factory in Zhengzhou

Chinese workers fleeing Covid lockdown at Foxconn iPhone factory in Zhengzhou

Workers at Foxconn’s manufacturing facility in China, a key facility for Apple’s iPhone, are seen fleeing the factory after the COVID outbreak led to the shutdown.

It is unclear how many cases of COVID-19 have been identified at the facility, but with China’s strict policy not to spread the Corona virusThe workplace is closed. A video posted online showed nearly 10 people jumping on a fence outside the factory. On Sunday, officials said, the company Will not stop workers to leave.

While there have been some reports of as many as 20,000 COVID cases at the plant, Foxconn has denied this, CNBC reports.

Those who test positive will be transferred to several days of mandatory isolation, Bloomberg Reports.

Foxconn is Apple’s largest iPhone assembly plant — and the shutdown comes as the holiday season approaches, usually one of the hottest selling periods of the year. However, officials say they expect the overall impact to be limited, as the company shifts production to other locations.

Last week, Apple said demand for the new iPhone 14 Pro models was particularly strong, but that supplies were constrained.

The shutdown means hundreds of thousands of workers at the Zhengzhou facility have undergone “closed-loop operations”, meaning they are only able to travel from their dormitories and production lines. This has resulted in some workers leaving the site or refusing to return to work.

On Saturday, cities around Zhengzhou asked Foxconn workers to inform local authorities before they return home.

Apple is working on Convert more of its production Outside China as a result of state policies. Earlier this yearThe two-month shutdown in Shanghai has caused disruptions to the company’s supply chain.

This latest disruption is hurting companies outside of Foxconn and Apple. On Monday, officials ordered Shanghai Disney Resort to close (After shutting down for several months earlier this year.) worldwide The Beijing resort was also closed last week.

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