Computer Recycling shares ideal practices for safely recycling consumer electronics in a new feature article:

Computer Recycling shares ideal practices for safely recycling consumer electronics in a new feature article:

Computer Recycling shares ideal practices for safely recycling consumer electronics in a new feature article:

UNION, NJ /AccessWire/October 31, 2022/ In the United States, more than $60 million worth of electronic equipment is disposed of each year, and only 12.5 percent That total is currently recycled. While electronics play a fundamental role in our daily lives, discarded and obsolete technology often ends up in landfills, causing degradation of the natural environment. In a recent online article, a representative of computer recycling In Union, NJ, take the time to discuss how individuals and businesses can safely recycle consumer electronics.

According to a company spokesperson, the first course of action is to determine if the device is on hold. In practicing good environmental management, it is wise to keep using our equipment as long as they work properly, but if it has gotten to the point that it is not, it is time to take the next step. .

Next, find an e-waste recycling company in your area. After determining what type of service you need, it is suggested that you research credentials and experience before choosing who to work with. With over 20 years of experience, a wide variety of service options, secure data destruction, and the ability to accept all items with a cord or battery, this is a company you can definitely trust. computer recycling.

The company also reminds individuals to never dump electronics in landfills or burn them as they can release harmful chemicals into the atmosphere. A spokesperson for Computer Recycling said, “Many electronic products contain harmful substances such as lead, mercury and cadmium. Recycling electronics helps protect against hazardous chemicals and toxins from contaminating soil and reservoirs.”

Lastly, while ensuring that proper disposal of electronics is beneficial to the environment, recycling can also be a boon to the economy. According to a spokesperson for Computer Recycling, “The multiple stages of the recycling process create many employment opportunities. In addition, when we recycle plastics and metals from pre-existing equipment, they move on to assembling new equipment. which incurs costs. Savings to the producer which is then passed on to the consumer. The benefits of recycling make it worth the effort.”

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Computer Recycling is a leading electronics recycling company committed to helping customers dispose of obsolete electronic equipment. Offering a wide range of recycling solutions, their dedicated and professional staff provide exceptional customer service, flexible storage options and reasonable prices. They ensure that all sensitive information is destroyed (via a wipe or physical destruction of each drive) and that all electronics are recycled safely and responsibly throughout the Northeast United States region.

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