Deborah Trailer introduces a time-traveling Smart Home Assistant

Deborah Trailer introduces a time-traveling Smart Home Assistant

The concept of an upcoming sci-fi dark comedy Deborah it’s enough to give you an idea of ​​how wild the movie is going to be: a couple invites a group of friends to a celebration and casually discovers that their Alexa-like assistant can change the time at their request, as long as it’s “only” up to 48 hours before. So how confusing can a gathering be when guests keep going back in time? Based on the trailer, which Collider can exclusively share, it gets very, very confusing — and funny.

The trailer reveals all of our shared 21st century concerns when it comes to technology. How much of our daily lives is listened to or processed on our many devices? We know this happens, but we are often surprised by the amount of information they are able to collect. In Deborah’s case, she’s even able to crack a few unorthodox jokes at the scornful addresser.


But of course, all of that pales in comparison to Deborah’s ultimate feature. The assistant is ordered to pause time before the vase hits the floor, and it’s all downhill from there. The trailer doesn’t give away the time travel rules of the film, but the synopsis suggests that their memories are being erased as well – so we’ll just have to wait and see the implications of such casual tinkering with time and memory.

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Deborah wrote and directed Noga Pnueli, who is having a great year so far. The filmmaker also wrote Meet Cute, which is also a dark comedy that plays with the perception of time. If Pnueli hits a home run with Deborah, we’ll find out in about two weeks. The film marks Pnueli’s feature directorial debut and is based on a short film Deb (also directed and written by Pnueli), released in 2018.

The cast Deborah characteristics Sophia Bush (One Tree Hill), Deborah Ann Woll (Marvel’s Daredevil), Scott Michael Foster (Crazy ex-girlfriend), Kevin Bigley (Upload), Arjun Gupta (The Magicians), Ciara Renee (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), i Michael Waller (Come as you are).

Deborah premiering on Digital in just a few weeks, November 1st. You can watch the trailer and watch the official synopsis below:

A group of old friends gather to celebrate Albert and Ada’s engagement. On the first night, Albert unveils his latest invention, DEBORAH – his own take on Siri. Her friends ask her to predict the weather, write a poem, fact-check arguments – all the usual questions. But then Ada accidentally breaks a bottle of wine and everyone freezes. Literally. Except Ada and Albert. It turns out that Deborah can pause and rewind time. But that is their secret. For now. The weekend continues. Surface tension. Albert longs for an old girlfriend. Ada is watching. Patience is running out. Someone knocked over the lamp, almost crushing Ada’s dog. Ada freezes time, but it resumes before she can snap it back into place. Deborah’s secret is revealed. The friends swear they won’t take advantage. But they find themselves using these “rewinds” to their advantage, knowing they can turn things around. Deborah rewinds. Rewinds. Rewinds. But while rewinding time erases the memories themselves, it leaves behind emotional scars. The weekend progresses, the friends continue to act, until DEBORAH has had enough, refusing to rewind. The turmoil is too great – culminating in a showdown where these friends face each other honestly for the first (and possibly last) time.

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