Elden Ring patch data has been found indicating that Colosseum battles are coming

Elden Ring patch data has been found indicating that Colosseum battles are coming

Elden Ring miner Sekiro Dubi recently revealed in a post that upcoming updates for FromSoftware’s latest game may indeed include player-to-player battles against the Colosseum. The statement included a short video of Sekiro Dubi’s character in a coliseum, while four in-game text banners with the words “Match Start”, “You Won”, “Draw” and “Lost” were constantly displayed on a loop. The background of the video also shows two units engaged in battle suggesting that a future DLC pack may include other unique PvP features.

Ever since the Elden Ring patch 1.07 it was published with its own massive PvP exclusive adjustments and general bug fixes, there has been constant speculation from the community regarding the addition of arenas dedicated specifically to player skirmishes. YouTuber Lance McDonald, who is known for delving deep into the technical aspects of various games, recently gave gamers a tour of Elden Ring’s Limgrave Coliseum in a video posted on their channel.

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The footage showed the structure and size of the still unfinished stadium. Although there is still a lot of fine-tuning needed, the video only further reinforces the fact that arenas are already in the works to be included in Elden Ring.

Another future possibility in Elden Ring is the proposed inclusion of ray tracing in patch data. Lance McDonald revealed that the latest update for the Elden Ring “adds menu strings related to ray tracing functions.” The photo included in his post specifically shows code that says “enabling ray tracing will lock performance settings to prioritize quality.”

Many other improvements are coming in upcoming patch 1.07which include various gameplay stability improvements and various balance adjustments skills, magic and enchantments.

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