Empyrean Lux Skin: Splash Art, Release Date and Price

Empyrean Lux Skin: Splash Art, Release Date and Price

Riot Games has revealed a new skin line called Empyrean that features many new skins, including Empyrean Lux.

Lux has been the poster child for Riot in terms of releasing skins league of legends. The champion has over 10 skins released for the champion, including two Prestige skins and variants of the same skin. Lux is also one of the most popular champions in the game.

Elementalist Lux is the reward of Lux Skins, as it is the highest cosmetic rarity in League of Legends. In addition, there are several popular Lux skins, such as Cosmic Lux, Space Groove Lux, etc. All in all, Lux skins are in dozens of ranges, and given how popular the champion is, it’s no surprise.

Therefore, with the new skin line called Empyrean, Lux had to be a part of it based on the popularity of Lux skins alone. The Empyrean skin line has a dark theme with RGB colors, which will be different from most Lux skins. Here is a video for the Empyrean Skin Line.

Empyrean Lux adds to the list of many Lux skins, and here’s what we know about the latest addition coming soon.

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Date of issue

Empyrean Lux is coming to the PBE soon and will be released on November 3rd, according to a video posted by Riot Games. This is in line with the skin that will be released in patch 12.21.


Empyrean Lux will be an Epic Skin, it will cost 1350 RP

Splash Art

Splash art for Empyrean Lux will be revealed soon, as the skin has not yet hit the PBE servers.

Empyrean Lux
Image: Riot Games

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