Experts say Iran’s aid to the Russian war effort could turn the country into an enemy fighter

Experts say Iran’s aid to the Russian war effort could turn the country into an enemy fighter

Experts say Iran’s aid to the Russian war effort could turn the country into an enemy fighter

Continued aid to Russia in the form of drones and weapons could put Iran at risk of being considered enemy fighters in Ukraine, a situation that leaves the country open to sharing responsibility. war crime.

Behnam Ben Taleblu, senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, told Fox News: “With Iran’s ability to move missiles into Ukraine, one would consider the Islamic Republic as a fighter on Russia’s side in the Ukraine war. Gotta start over.” digital. “Indeed, if Iranian heavily armed suicide drones are attacking Kyiv, there is no room left to entertain the imagination that Iran is just a passive participant in this conflict.”

Talebalu’s remarks come after several reports in the past week indicating that Iran has increased its aid to the Russian war effort in Ukraine, including supplies to the Russian military. suicide drone and surface-to-surface ballistic missiles.

Members of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps have also reportedly traveled to Crimea to help train the Russian military on the use of Iranian-made weapons, a sign of deepening military ties between the two countries.

Iran Is Now Selling Missiles To Russia, Add To Your Kamikaze Drones, Report

White House National Security Council spokesman John Kirby confirmed the fact on Thursday, who said, “The Iranians decided to go in some trainers and some technical support to help the Russians use them with better lethality.” “

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“We have information that the Iranians put trainers and technical support in Crimea, but it is the Russians who are doing the pilots,” Kirby told reporters. “That’s our assessment at the moment.”

“Aggressive regimes in Tehran and Moscow are increasingly dependent on each other because of their coercive foreign policies and the international backlash against imperial ambitions,” James Phillips, senior research fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs at The Heritage Foundation, told Fox News Digital. “The two have resulted in heavy sanctions and have collaborated to avoid sanctions.”

Philips noted that the two countries also cooperated in Syria, Where his army has joined forces to help keep Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in power.

but Iranian cooperation With Russia in Ukraine becoming even more problematic for the country, reports are emerging that Iranian-made “kamikaze drones” have been used to strike targets around Kyiv, including civilian areas.

The attacks were the most recent example of Russia’s alleged war crimes. committed in Ukraine, Iran can be held at least partially responsible for crimes when using Iranian-supplied equipment to carry out attacks.

“If Iranian personnel are launching and controlling drones, or even maintaining them for the Russians, they should be considered fighters,” Phillips said. “At least, they are certainly allies of Russian war crimes, because Russians are using drones to target civilians and civilian infrastructure.”

Experts say Iran’s aid to the Russian war effort could turn the country into an enemy fighter

Firefighters help evacuate a local woman from a residential building destroyed by a Russian attack using an Iranian-made drone in Kyiv, Ukraine, October 17, 2022.

Russia uses Iranian-made ‘Kamikaze Drone’ to strike in Kyiv

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine largely isolated the country from the international community, forcing the Kremlin to partner with countries such as Iran and North Korea. Inconsistent results on the battlefield complicate matters for the Russian president Vladimir Putin, accompanied by a reduction in the Russian military’s weapons stockpile in an effort to regain the initiative against the buoyed Ukrainian forces. As a result, Russia has turned to its new allies to help sustain the war effort.

“It would be logical to consider Iran a party to the Russo-Ukraine war, given that the Islamic Republic provides lethal military hardware,” said Rebekah Koffler, a former DIA intelligence officer and author of “Putin’s Playbook: Russia’s”. Which helps Moscow to kill Ukrainians, a secret plan to defeat America,” he told Fox News Digital. “The same issue can be raised about North Korea, which is supplying millions of artillery shells and rockets to the Russians. A coalition of international cross-borders to help Putin plug some holes in its conventional weapons arsenal. because he’s running low on his precision-strike missiles.”

White House desperate to prevent Biden-Putin face-off at G20 summit: Report

Koffler noted that Russia is already Considering the US and NATO as parties in the war, the US-led coalition has provided Ukraine with the lethal weapons it needs to maintain its defense against invasion. However, the acceptance by the West that Iran is a fighter in the war would force the US to disclose the true scope of the conflict.

“Once Washington acknowledges that Iran and North Korea are the real enemy fighters on the Kremlin side, everyone will clearly recognize – we are in an East versus West battle,” Koffler said. “And the battlefield is expanding beyond geographic boundaries and into cyber, economics and other domains.”

Despite Iran’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, white House The U.S. has continued its efforts to rekindle the Obama-era Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), known as the Iran nuclear deal, although negotiations have stalled recently and a new agreement is increasingly has become impossible.

Iranian military members may be training Russian troops to use ‘kamikaz’ drones in Ukraine: report

“The White House is still under the illusion that it can make a nuclear deal with Iran and that Russia is a party to those talks,” Koffler said. “It’s largely the same cast of characters, the Obama 2.0 crew, who were pursuing a silly ‘reset’ policy with Russia – when Joe Biden was VP – because Putin reunited with Ukraine and other post-Soviet states.” were making their plans to subjugate from the states.”

Instead, Koffler argued that President Biden “Building a strong containment posture and developing counter-strategy” should be there.

Part of that counter-strategy will typically include Saudi Arab, a longtime security partner whose relationship with the US has deteriorated under Biden’s leadership. The fractured relationship came to the fore last week, when the Saudi-led OPEC+ oil cartel vowed to reduce oil production despite requests from the White House to ramp up production to help ease the energy crisis in the West. Selected option.

That move was not well received in Washington, where Biden and several lawmakers accused the oil-rich empire of siding with Russia in the war with Ukraine. Saudi Arabia denied the allegation, claiming that its intent was purely for the economic benefit of OPEC+ member-states.

Joe Biden announced

President Joe Biden

Still, Biden has warned of “consequences” for Saudi Arabia and vowed to review US security ties with the country, a move Phillips questioned amid the administration’s soft stance on Iran.

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Phillips said, “While the Biden administration is threatening to punish Saudi Arabia with Russia over oil prices, it has turned a blind eye to Iran’s more comprehensive cooperation with Moscow on oil prices, arms sales, Ukraine and Syria.” have taken.” “The administration should focus more on backing down against opponents on security issues and less on punishing problematic friends on political issues like high gas prices in mid-term elections.”

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