Final Fantasy XIV Academia Eorzea Manga Begins Final Chapter – News

Final Fantasy XIV Academia Eorzea Manga Begins Final Chapter – News

Esora Amaichi launched the manga spinoff about the characters in the school setting in December 2021

Square EnixS ‘ Manga UP! app revealed on Friday that Final Fantasy XIV Shiritsu Eorzea Gakuen (Final Fantasy XIV Academia Eorzea) spinoff manga will begin the first part of its seventh and final chapter on November 11. The app did not state how many parts the final chapter will have (the previous sixth chapter had three parts).

Esora Amaichi is drawing the manga, under the supervision of the “FFXIV. Manga launched on December 24 and updated every other Friday.

Square Enix previously stated that it is currently undecided if the manga will be released in other regions outside of Japan. Square Enix describes the manga:

The school lives of Alphinaud, Alisaie, and other FFXIV characters debut in a new manga series in Manga UP! smartphone app!

Square Enix releasing Final Fantasy XIV Online for PC in September 2010. After criticism from fans, the company revealed an updated version of the game titled Final Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn that added a new world and story. Final Fantasy XIV: A Kingdom Reborn launched on Windows PC and PS3 in August 2013, on PS4 in April 2014 and on PS5 in May 2020. Square Enix it has since released four expansions: Heavensward in June 2015, Stormblood in June 2017, Shadowbringers in July 2019, and Endwalker on December 7. Game registered 27 million registered accounts worldwide earlier this month.

Square Enix announced in February that it will continue support for the MMORPG for the next 10 years.


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