Fossil’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch is a slight refresh of last year’s model

Fossil’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch is a slight refresh of last year’s model

Fossil’s first Wear OS 3 smartwatch is a slight refresh of last year’s model

Fossil lives up to its promise release Wear OS 3 watches, but you might want to temper your expectations. The fashion brand has introduced its first Wear OS 3 model, the Gen 6 Wellness Edition, and the name says it all — it’s a refresh last year’s smartwatch which focuses on software. Google’s new software promises an easier-to-navigate interface with improved health tracking, including Fossil’s internal Wellness app. You’ll also get relevant watch faces, including an exclusive “Wellness Gauge” device to monitor your vitals.

There are several physical changes. The Wellness Edition includes a redesigned 44mm case in rose gold or silver steel with 20mm straps. Other than that, though, it’s actually the Generation 6 you saw in 2021. That means the 2020 era. Snapdragon Wear 4100+ chip, a 1.28-inch round display, 1GB of RAM, 8GB of storage, and 3ATM water resistance. You will be disappointed if you expected a Snapdragon W5+ or more space for your apps and music.

Existing Gen 6 owners should receive Wear OS 3 as an update, and they’ll get much of the experience from the Wellness edition. Gen 6 watches from Michael Kors, Razer and Skagen should also get the new software. Just be warned that you’ll need to wipe your device’s data as part of the upgrade.

The Generation 6 Wellness Edition is available now for $299. Silicone straps for customizing the look are available for $30. Fossil still makes some of the better looking Wear OS watches outside of luxury models like the Montblanc Summit 3, but this is undoubtedly a tough sell if you’re looking for something truly new. Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 5 family offers a wider range of cases and more modern processing power, while Google’s Pixel Watch it compensates for its old chip with Wear OS 3.5 and a truly exceptional design. If you weren’t blown away by Fossil before, the refresh won’t change your mind.

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