Galaxy A13 5G: Is Samsung missing a sign of the times?

Galaxy A13 5G: Is Samsung missing a sign of the times?

Cheap smartphones can offer significantly more than years ago, making them suitable for everyday tasks. The same goes for Samsung Galaxy A13 5Gwhich starts at just $249 on and includes support for the latest mobile networking standard.

Unlike the Galaxy A13 4G, a few corners have been cut probably in an attempt to keep the price low with the inclusion of a 5G modem: The screen resolution is only 1600 x 720 pixels, which is outdated by today’s standards even considering the low price .

Furthermore, there is no longer a wide-angle lens and the smartphone relies on slow eMMC storage, while most competitors already use faster storage: the Xiaomi Poco X4 Pro is available for a similar price and has fast UFS storage and a higher resolution screen for a better overall impression.

Other than that, Samsung doesn’t seem to have put any effort into the design Galaxy A13 5G: A simple plastic case with three cameras arranged in a line is not quite up to the design of a smartphone.

This is somewhat unfortunate, as a fast fingerprint sensor, a capable SoC, and long battery life depending on the use case are otherwise solid foundations for entry- to mid-range phones.

Although a smartphone that supports the latest mobile communication standard 5G is just over $200, Xiaomi and Motorola devices have raised the bar even in the lower price range. Here, Samsung Galaxy A13 5G sometimes it’s hard to follow.

Are you still interested in a smartphone, which with a long battery life and good performance certainly has its advantages? Read ours Samsung Galaxy A13 5G detailed review for numerous measurements, comparison charts and details.

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