Gmail’s redesign greatly simplifies settings on iOS

Gmail’s redesign greatly simplifies settings on iOS

Even before adding Chat and Meet, Gmail settings were clunky on mobile. Google has now rolled out a Gmail settings redesign on iOS that we hope will make its way to Android.

Previously, opening Settings – accessed at the very bottom of the navigation drawer instead of your profile avatar – brought you to a menu that started with “General Settings” and then listed all your signed-in accounts.

App-level settings (such as themes and mail swipe actions) are considered “General,” while everything else requires opening your account settings. That’s further broken down into sections like Account, Inbox, Notifications, General (again), Meet, Nudges, Inbox Tips, and Data Usage for a pretty long list.

This release brings a redesigned settings experience, making it easier to manage your preferences.

App Store changelog

Redesigning Gmail settings on iPhone and iPad starts with removing the general and account distinction. The list of preferences begins by immediately highlighting options for Chat and Meet with the ability to quickly disable those tabs. Meanwhile, colorful icons are used throughout to make everything stand out.

Then you get high-level controls for Notifications, while Inbox and Write and Reply are very simple. Finally, you have a reasonable “General” section.

1-2: Gmail | 3: Chrome

This is a great Gmail settings redesign that we hope will come to Android even if it’s largely native to iOS. It is more user friendly and similar to Chrome for iOS settings. Google would do well to update all of its main apps in a similar fashion.

Reset Settings is widely introduced on iOS with the latest versions of Gmail, but the release notes for version 6.0.221002 make it official today.

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