God Of War Producer Ragnarok Responds To Game Leak Early: “Completely F**king Stupid”

God Of War Producer Ragnarok Responds To Game Leak Early: “Completely F**king Stupid”

God Of War Producer Ragnarok Responds To Game Leak Early: “Completely F**king Stupid”

God of War Ragnarok In November, but at least one retailer started selling the game early, that means spoilers about the much-anticipated PlayStation game are out there. Cory Barlog, who directed 2018’s God of War and produced Ragnarok, expressed his frustration with this at Recent series of tweets.

“A retailer sold the game about two weeks before release. It’s very disappointing,” Barlog said. “Sorry everyone you have to dodge the spoilers if you want to play the game in a new way. You totally stupid king you have to do this. It’s not at all how any of us are in [Santa Monica Studio] She wanted things to go.”

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Barlog said that this situation makes him see the advantage of having “just installed” on the physical disc of a video game, so that no one who got an early copy can actually play the game. Some games do this, like Modern Warfare IIwhich apparently comes with Only 70MB of data is on the disc and then a 100GB download is required to actually run the game.

In a follow-up tweet, Barlog said he doesn’t actually believe that physical video games should be released as “just a fixer.” He said he made the comment out of his frustration with the Ragnarok leak. “

“To be clear, I was expressing my frustration…I don’t advocate for it at all. Not the future I want as a player or developer. Just beyond frustration. I feel terrible for the team. This whole ordeal is so stressful for all of us. Mental health break time , “He said.

It’s not immediately clear which retailer sold Ragnarok earlier or why, but this sort of thing happens regularly. With games the size and size of Ragnarok, millions of discs are shipped worldwide to all retailers large and small. The probability that some millions of copies shipped to retailers will make their way into the public’s hands early, for whatever reason, is greater than zero.

The Santa Monica studio also released a statement in response to the leaks. “We do our best to limit viewing of unauthorized screenshots and screenshots, but the truth is that we can’t capture everything,” the developer said. It also advised players looking to avoid spoilers to mute keywords and hashtags associated with God of War.

“We kindly ask you to please consider the many fans who don’t want to accidentally see clips, gameplay or narrative spoilers and avoid sharing them more widely,” the developer said.

before that, spoiler-y screenshots of Ragnarok have leaked to the internet.

God of War Ragnarok’s first reviews will begin appearing online Thursday, November 3 at 9AM PT / 12PM ET, according to those with early access to the game.

Recent GameSpot God of War Ragnarok preview Based on the first few hours of the game, the game appears to be familiar for the 2018 title, as it doesn’t have “any major changes, additions, or subtractions that alter the way you feel or play”. Tamur Hussain here at GameSpot said Ragnarok is “doing all the right things,” saying he’s confident the game will be a “fun experience” in the end.

“What remains is whether she can get past this and elevate the experience even further,” Hussain said. “Since Sony Santa Monica said Ragnarok would be the result of the Norse legend of Kratos, expectations are understandably high.”

Ragnarok launches November 9 on PS4 and PS5. It was also recently confirmed that the game has Resolution and performance modes, including 120fps.

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