Good Lock is getting new features, One UI 5.0 may be coming on October 24th

Good Lock is getting new features, One UI 5.0 may be coming on October 24th

Good Lock is getting new features, One UI 5.0 may be coming on October 24th

Last updated: October 17, 2022 at 18:37 UTC+02:00

Good news for Good Lock users! A Samsung community manager confirmed today that the Good Lock platform is getting new and improved features tailored for this platform One UI 5.0 experience. These will be released between October 24th and 25th, which could mean that One UI 5.0 could exit the beta program around the same date.

Let’s start with the Good Lock announcement. Samsung will add new features to Good Lock modules such as Quick Star, Nav Star, Home Up and ClockFace. Finer details are lost in translation, but the list of new features appears to include:

  • New Good Lock module for controlling camera settings
  • Quick Star gets a stopwatch feature on the top bar and more status bar features
  • NavStar will soon have a customizable taskbar button
  • Home Up gets new sharing manager features
  • Clock Face will offer support for tablets
  • A feature that allows users to create memes using the Kids Cafe keyboard module
  • New Good Lock feature to share settings and personalized UI elements with friends and other devices

One UI 5.0 could come out of beta 24-25. October!

Recently Community announcement claims that these new Good Lock features designed for Galaxy devices running One UI 5.0 are coming on October 24-25. This could mean that One UI 5.0 will be ready for public release on October 24 or the day after, at least in South Korea and other select markets.

This is not a direct confirmation of the One UI 5.0 release date. A community post could very well indicate that these features and Good Lock improvements will be coming to One UI 5.0 beta 24-25. October. However, seeing how Samsung already confirmed during SDC22 that the new version of One UI will be released publicly before the end of the month, the public release of One UI 5.0 for the Galaxy S22 series on October 24-25 seems credible.

We’ll keep you posted! Until then, if you haven’t been following the recent progress on One UI 5.0 and want to catch up, you can check out our hands-on video of the fourth beta below.

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