Google lock screen widgets are now finally available for iOS 16

Google lock screen widgets are now finally available for iOS 16

Google lock screen widgets are now finally available for iOS 16

Today, Google announced its new lock screen widgets for iOS 16, which are now officially available. Widgets were published last month and provide quick access to some of its most popular applications. Widgets can also provide you with information at a glance. If you’ve never tried customizing your lock screen before, check out our an in-depth guide on how to do this so you can try out some of the new widgets from Google.

One of the most significant advantages of the lock screen is that you can set different layouts for different times of the day. You can have one for work and one for personal use; it’s easy to switch between them. As for the recently released Google lock screen widgets, several apps are taking advantage, such as Search, Chrome, Drive, Google Maps, Gmail, and Google News.

Accessing Search directly from the lock screen lets you search for something instantly using your voice or typing. If you need something further, you can use the power of Google Lens and even quick translations on the fly. With the Chrome lock screen widget, you can also launch a search or use incognito mode. Furthermore, if you want to play a quick game, enter Chrome’s exclusive Dino Run game.

Sometimes it is necessary to have easy access to your files. With the Drive widget, you can access suggested files and folders and even continue working on a project from your computer. As for Maps, this widget is robust, offers real-time traffic updates and can provide estimated travel times from home and work. As expected, the widget can also help navigate shops, restaurants, hotels and more. With Gmail, the widget will display the messages in your inbox and how many emails have arrived for each inbox category.

In addition, it has also implemented some entertainment widgets from YouTube and YouTube Music. You can tap to watch short films and new videos, or search for a video directly from the widget. You can also easily access your favorite music, song or artist with just one tap. Finally, Google News will offer real-time headlines, giving users quick access to daily news around the world. If this sounds interesting, it might be worth giving it a try, so definitely check it out.

Source: Google Blog

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