Google reminds app developers that there is something special about the Pixel 7 line

Google reminds app developers that there is something special about the Pixel 7 line

Google reminds app developers that there is something special about the Pixel 7 line

Google today Post a post in the Android developer blog explaining that Pixel 7 And the Pixel 7 Pro They are the first Android devices that only support 64-bit applications. With these phones, the operating system no longer supports 32-bit applications. 64-bit applications run faster because they access instructions that 32-bit applications cannot. Google also notes that when working with 64-bit applications, newer CPUs can deliver up to 25% better performance.
Speaking to app developers, Google said, “Thanks to the efforts and cooperation of the entire Android community, our ecosystem is ready. Converting Android devices to 64-bit only requires many changes across platform, tools, operating and, of course, your apps. We started by introducing 64-bit support. in 2014, announcing policy changes in 2017, and claiming support for Google Play apps as of 2019.”
Google tells us that removing support for 32-bit applications will also save memory as it saves up to 150MB of RAM that the operating system used even when it is not running on 32-bit applications. The Google It states, “These memory-saving operations reduce memory outages, which means less spam and fewer background app kills.” Yes, we can all use less scams on our phones. No one wants their shackles to be thrown off.

Using 64-bit apps only improves the security of your phone. This is due to the larger address space allowing the use of Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) which prevents attackers from taking advantage of memory corruption caused by errors. Building 64-bit applications also provides developers with better tools for finding memory errors and improving application quality. Moving to 64-bit apps can also make phone manufacturers roll out updates faster and more easily.

Google has a message for developers: “With 64-bit devices only reaching users now, we encourage developers to start paying more attention to testing their apps and updates for 64-bit devices only. To support this, Google Play now offers – release reports that run on 64-bit devices Just to discover and report compatibility issues.”

The company also tells app developers that “while 64-bit devices only grow in popularity with phones joining Android Auto in this group, 32-bit devices will continue to be important to Android Go, Android TV, and Android Wear.”

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