GPU maker 51RISC is joining the fight against GPU decay in a weird, weird way

GPU maker 51RISC is joining the fight against GPU decay in a weird, weird way

WTF?! There is a sensitive topic that many do not want to talk about. It’s embarrassing, some people are ashamed of their gear and it’s hard to find a straight answer as to why this happens. This affects a large percentage of computer owners, many of whom suffer in silence for fear of being shamed. That’s right, we’re talking GPU degradation.

It’s no secret that you can find almost everything on it AliExpress. So if you’re looking for the latest graphics hardware, especially one that provides an integrated solution to combat GPU degradation, then you’re in luck.

Many of today’s graphics cards come with support, boosts, and even leashes to make sure they don’t break away from their PCIe slots. Not to be outdone, GPU maker 51RISC has released its own take on Nvidia’s flagship RTX 4090. But it doesn’t come with tricks like RGB braces or cable ties; comes with an integrated spirit level.

But what if the GPU isn’t the problem?

The card’s overall design isn’t far off from other RTX 4090 offerings and, in some ways, is actually more attractive. The card itself is a 3-slot unit, which comes in a slightly smaller size than some 3.5 and 4-slot solutions from Nvidia and their add-in board (AIB) partners. The lid and back panel have a futuristic olive drab design that blends well with the black fans and other accents. In terms of performance, the card uses the same PCB configuration as many other RTX 4090s, is powered via a 12-pin + 4-pin connector, and has a thermal power limit (TDP) of 450W.

The true draw is found on the face of the card, boasting not one but two spirit levels to ensure the card is level. These verified levels, which can be seen in workshops and construction sites around the world, will ensure you know if your card is up to par. They will not help to correct it; it will just let you know.

If you find that the card is loose or warped once it’s installed, it just raises more questions. Is it a card, table, floor or building that is not level? Those who aren’t sure can probably just take the card out of their system and use a level to check those things as well.

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