Greensboro nurses cell phone provider restricts calling

Greensboro nurses cell phone provider restricts calling

Greensboro nurses cell phone provider restricts calling

Amy Bondati, an ICU ambulatory nurse, relies on her phone to confirm job openings. So, when it doesn’t work, that’s a problem.

Greensboro, NC – Amy Bondati remembers that day well. Her car overheated and got stuck on the side of the road. Bondati’s phone was with her, but it wasn’t working properly.

“I could receive calls and texts, but could not call or text,” Bondati said.

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The problem persisted for about four weeks after Bondati called her mobile service provider to get a new phone. The phone Bondati bought wasn’t what she needed so I returned it within the 14 day grace period.

“I called and let them know I sent the phone back and canceled the order,” Bondati said.

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Her provider kept billing Bondati for a $1,000 cell phone. Bondati requested that the charges be removed and confirmed that she had sent the phone back. She reached out to a local store as well as trying to talk to someone from the corporate office, but that didn’t work.

Bondati believes that the cell company started restricting access to her old phone because she refused to pay the bill for the phone she sent.

“It was very frustrating and it was a huge problem,” Bondati said.

As a traveling nurse, Bondati will often get opportunities to fill local hospitals to earn extra cash. Bondati said she received an audio message one day asking if she was free to work, but was unable to get her medical provider in time because her phone could not make calls.

“I missed a job opportunity with great motivation,” Bondati said.

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After four to five weeks of trying and failing to solve the problem, Bondati contacted us Invitation to the WMFY News 2 staff. Our team immediately contacted the cell phone provider to explain the issue and see what can be done to resolve the issue.

A company representative told us they would investigate the issue and call us back. Two days passed when Bondati called to tell us the good news. Her phone was working again. She said a representative from the company called and helped solve the problem.

“Thank you so much! You made me roll again,” Bondati said.

The bill for the new phone that Bondati sent was also cleared, so there was no money owed. Bondatti will later buy a different phone with more storage space.

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