Greg Joswiak: Apple must comply with the EU and convert iPhone to USB-C

Greg Joswiak: Apple must comply with the EU and convert iPhone to USB-C

Greg Joswiak: Apple must comply with the EU and convert iPhone to USB-C

Apple’s vice president of global marketing, Greg Joswiak, said today that Apple will have to move to USB-C on Iphone and its remaining devices that still have a Lightning connector in order to comply with new EU rules.

Greg Joswiak: Apple must comply with the EU and convert iPhone to USB-C
speaking in The Wall Street JournalJoswiak, aka Joz, said at the Tech Live event that Apple is finally honoring the decision by the European Union to force a common charger across consumer electronics. “We have to comply,” Goose said, indirectly confirming that Apple will move to USB-C in the future.

USB-C should be the port shared across a wide range of consumer electronic devices, including ‌iPhone‌ and AirPods, by the end of 2024, according to rules set by the European Union. It is said that Apple iPhone 15 models tested with USB-C.

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