Halo Infinite Winter Update might make the game worth revisiting

Halo Infinite Winter Update might make the game worth revisiting

Halo Infinite Winter Update might make the game worth revisiting

343 It laid out plans for Halo Infinite’s upcoming winter update, which is scheduled to begin on November 8.

This free update will add the much-anticipated campaign network co-op mode, as well as the official launch of the Forge beta (in case you missed, some have already got their hands on it and created some really impressive visualizations from games like ocarina of time And the PT inside).

Halo Infinite winter update overview.

In the upcoming campaign co-op mode, you will be able to circulate around the story of Halo Infinite with up to three other fellow Spartans. This will also be supported by the Mission Replay feature (finally), and 343 have revealed that there will now be 24 more unlocking achievements in the game. As a reminder, this is not the local split-screen co-op, which the developer previously announced to own Totally scrapped.

Meanwhile, the upcoming Forge beta promises to let players “unleash their creativity” with “thousands of new items and countless new additions.” I can very well believe this, given the creativity we’ve already seen saturate the internet over the past few months.

For the multiplayer side of things, this update will add two new maps for players to discover, known as Argyle and Detachment respectively. These maps were both Forger in forge.

There’s also a new mode on its way called Covert One-Flag. This is the first asymmetric mode in the game and will see players on the “attacking” side have unlimited active camouflage, while those on the “defense” will have threat sensors. 343 describes this mode as a “cat-and-mouse game”.

A welcome change for many, this update will also provide XP just for playing the game. Previously, players usually had to complete different challenges to level up.

Finally, 343 offers players a 30-level Battle Pass packed with “really fun stuff”, and two new events. The first will be held in December and the second in January.

You can watch the full preview video of Halo Infinite’s winter update above.

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