Help with paying heating bills | Georgia

Help with paying heating bills |  Georgia

Help with paying heating bills | Georgia

The Georgia Heat Assistance Team continues to help families pay bills from last year.

ATLANTA — There is help for Georgia homeowners struggling to pay their electric bills as temperatures begin to drop and home heating costs rise.

Most homes in the south use electricity for heating. The US Energy Information Administration predicts that electric bills will be 12% higher than last winter. The forecast also predicts a 28% increase in natural gas bills.

Brian Traynor, who owns a firewood business located in East Cobb, Brookhavenand Buckhead he said he’s already seen an increase in business as people look for alternative sources of heat that don’t involve a thermostat.

“For our East Cobb location, we’ve seen a 15% increase this year,” he said. “Our Brookhaven and Buckhead locations are up about 20%”

Georgian Thermal Energy Assistance Team helps families struggling with their electricity bills, providing $643,000 worth of assistance last year. HEAT Deputy Director Denise Sanchez Suarez said she expects the demand for assistance to increase this year.

“There are so many in need right now, it’s not just low income anymore,” Suarez said. “It’s for people who are in crisis. We contacted some families who had never used any of these services before.”

Georgia Power offers assistance that includes a program that brings changes in energy saving in the home.

“Whether it’s insulation or smart thermostats, those things are for those customers who qualify,” said Georgia Power’s John Kraft. “It can really pay dividends in the future,”

Meanwhile, homeowners like Brian Traynor will rely on wood and a match as a way to avoid turning on the thermostat when the temperature drops.

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