Here’s what happened to the Ferrari F40 from Fast N’ Loud

Here’s what happened to the Ferrari F40 from Fast N’ Loud

Here’s what happened to the Ferrari F40 from Fast N’ Loud

Fast N’ Loud has been one of the most popular TV car shows in America for several years. Up against Richard Rawlings, Dennis Collins, and Aaron Kaufman, the team at Gas Monkey Garage has been involved in some truly amazing buildings and restorations. One of them was Ferrari F40, and this particular F40 needed a refresher after being unfortunately assembled in a car crash. Rawlings and the Gas Monkey team had a lot of work to do on the car in 2013.

Now as it happens with a lot of cars off the show, they are then sold to new owners that we hope will take care of them. but, This F40 has a fun life After the TV show finished his work with him. Bought by baseball star Reggie Jackson, Moved to a new owner Later before she is somehow caught up in a conspiracy and fraud scandal that threatens to wipe the car off the face of the earth. But fortunately, it didn’t, and the car is still alive and well today. This is what happened to that car.

How the F40 ended up in Fast N’ Loud

The very special car that appeared on the TV show in 2013When I got a new lease on life. This lease was sorely needed after a mechanic somehow managed to steer it to the fence that not only destroyed the front end of the car, but severely damaged its chassis as well. Despite the fact that the car was completely wrecked, buying an F40 was not cheap. Collins, who at the time was one of Rawlings’ business partners, was able to purchase an F40 for $400,000. Remember, this car needed a lot of work done for it.

In total , Rawlings and his team will spend a total of $695,000 on the vehicle, with $295,000 of that being the construction cost. The rest is the cost of buying the car. It was a huge amount of money for an F40 but Rawlings and his team were happy that when it was auctioned, they made a profit on it. The car sold for $742,500, so at least a profit was made on the design. The winning bid on the F40 went to baseball star Reggie Jackson, who lovingly looked after the car for a while.

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F40 falls into the wrong hands

Not long after that, the car switched hands again. This time, the F40 was sold to Richard Scott, a Santa Monica parking operator. He paid a little less for the car at $643 and $500, and you’d probably think he got a good deal. However, things went well for Scott soon after. Not because of the car, but because of himself. What happened was that the car ended up in a US government warehouse after Scott pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy and electronic fraud in 2018. As such, the F40 was Amazingly Captured Assets.

Scott had not only cheated a small amount of money. He cheated the US Department of Veterans Affairs into a whopping $13 million. As you might imagine, the authorities were not happy with him. Thus the F40 was seized along with other expensive cars owned by the FBI. While there was a risk that the car could simply be discarded unfortunately, the authorities recognized its value, and thus became part of American Apple Towing auctions in California. And he almost ended up at Gas Monkey Garage.

F40 Sold Again

along with A few cruisers And other Ferraris that were part of the Scott range, the F40 was hammered once again. The fight for it was apparently very intense, but it eventually sold for $760 thousand. At least this time the car wasn’t written off! In fact, Gas Monkey Garage has made an effort to buy back and return the car as part of the Rawlings range of cars. Sadly, it wasn’t, but the F40’s selling price made it the highest price ever paid for this particular car in a rather interesting life.

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One of the most famous Ferrari supercars

It’s no surprise that the F40 is being sold for a huge amount of money anyway. F40 is Often considered the best supercar Ferrari has ever made. Powered by a twin-turbocharged V8, the F40 can reach speeds of just over 200 mph and with just 1,315 over five years, it’s incredibly rare. Seeing any smash is heartbreaking, so Rawlings and his team were at least able to resurrect this particular example. We now hope Ferrari can enjoy a calmer and more productive life with its new owner!

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