Herschel Walker denies new abortion allegation

Herschel Walker denies new abortion allegation

Herschel Walker denies new abortion allegation

Georgia Senate candidate Herschelle Walker on Wednesday denied a new allegation by a woman that Walker, who is running on a anti-abortion republican platformTook her to a clinic to have an abortion while they were in a romantic relationship decades earlier.

“I’m done with this stupidity. I’ve already told people it’s a lie, and I’m not going to entertain, I’m going to carry on with the lie,” said 60-year-old Walker at a campaign stop Said.” And I also want to tell you that I didn’t kill JFK either. And now, they, Sen. [Raphael] Warnock, but crushed that debateAnd now the Democrats are doing that, doing whatever they can to win this seat.”

The woman, who posed anonymously as “Jane Doe,” with attorney Gloria Allred, alleged that she and Walker, a football star, met in the 1980s and eventually “fell in love.” She said she learned in April 1993 that she had become pregnant and knew the baby was Walker’s because “I was not intimate with anyone else at the time.”

Allred showed evidence that she said supports the claim that she had a relationship with Walker in the form of a clear voice message and a picture of her dressed to a bed and as greeting cards she says she signed, But she did not provide direct evidence that corroborated the allegation of abortion.

“After discussing the pregnancy several times with Herschel, he encouraged me to have an abortion,” the woman said Wednesday, speaking to reporters anonymously by Zoom at a news conference hosted by Allied. She said she went to a clinic in Dallas, but “couldn’t have” the abortion, which “upset” Walker, and he encouraged her to return.

“Then he took me to the clinic the next day and waited for hours in the parking lot until I came out,” the woman said. “I was devastated because I felt pressured to have an abortion.”

NBC News has not independently confirmed the woman’s allegation.

“Anyone who believes that I am coming forward because Herschel is running as the Republican candidate – just not like that. I am a registered independent, and I voted for Donald Trump in both elections,” she said. I do not believe that Herschel is morally fit to be a US Senator. And that’s why I’m speaking.”

Another woman has alleged that Walker urged her to have an abortion in 2009 while they were dating, and that he gave her a check for $700 to pay for the procedure. walker is accepted check was his But he has said that he did not know what the money was used for. She has repeatedly denied paying for the abortion.

NBC News has not independently confirmed the abortion allegation.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R.C., campaigning with Walker at Dillard’s on Wednesday, suggested there was a political motive behind the latest allegation.

Graham compared the allegations surrounding the nomination of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh in 2018, saying, “I’ve seen this movie before.” Make decisions about who should be on the Supreme Court or who should be in the Senate. ,

Walker’s Democratic rival, Warnock’s deputy campaign manager Rachel Petrie, said the allegations were part of a “disturbing pattern”.

“We know that Herschel Walker has a problem with truthfulness, a problem with answering questions, and a problem with taking responsibility for his actions,” Petrie said in a statement. “Today’s new report is the latest example of a disturbing pattern we have seen play out over and over again. Herschel Walker should not represent the Georgians in the US Senate.”

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