How to make and use Quick Notes on iPhone

How to make and use Quick Notes on iPhone

How to make and use Quick Notes on iPhone

  • You can make a quick note on your iPhone using the share menu or highlight text in almost any app.
  • Quick Notes lets you easily save links, lines of text, images, and more without leaving your current app.
  • Once you save a quick note, it will appear in your iPhone’s Notes app like any other note.

Simple and straightforward, the Notes app that comes with every iPhone is great for jotting your thoughts and saving links you don’t want to lose. But when you scroll through another app and find something that interests you, you don’t always want to leave that app to find your notes.

This is where the new Quick Notes feature comes in.

How to make a quick note on your iPhone

A new feature in iOS 16, Quick Notes lets you write and save a note from within any app on your iPhone, without the need to switch. Once you save that quick note, it’s transferred to the regular Notes app for you to view and edit whenever you want.

Once you update your iPhone to iOS 16, There are two ways to make a quick note, and both are very simple.

Post List

First, you can use a file Involved existing. Almost every app — especially social media apps — has a built-in menu that you can use to share photos or links to another app. Its icon usually looks like Square with an up arrow coming out of it.

Once you click on this icon, scroll down to find a file Add to quick note option and take advantage of it. window titled New quick note It will appear, adding everything you have already tried to save. You can then click Memorizes at the top right to end Quick Note or keep adding more.

two iPhone screenshots;  The left image shows a webpage with the share icon highlighted, the right image shows the share menu with the option highlighted

You will find the “Add to Quick Note” option in the Share menu.

apple;; William Antonelli / Insider

Highlight text

Second, you can make a quick note by just highlighting some text. This is the best way if you only want to memorize a few sentences, for example.

to do this, Tap and hold your finger on the text to highlight it, then stretch the shading to capture whatever you want to save. A context menu will appear that allows you to copy the text above – keep clicking The arrow pointing to the right In this list until you find New quick noteand click on this option.

Animated GIF for iPhone, showing a user highlighting text and clicking Option

Highlight some text and click New Quick Note.

apple;; William Antonelli / Insider

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