How to Open Your iPhone’s App Library Faster from the Home Screen or Anywhere Else « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

How to Open Your iPhone’s App Library Faster from the Home Screen or Anywhere Else « iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The Application library is a great tool for browsing all the apps on your iPhone, especially since it includes all the home screen bookmarks you’ve made for it website and shortcuts. But that’s all away from your last home screen page. If you have a lot of pages visible on your home screen, that’s a lot of swiping to open the app library. Fortunately, there is a trick to get faster access.

The options we need to open the app library, but we don’t have them

Ideally, Apple would include an app icon detection option for the app library itself, and we could place it on the dock for easy access from any page of the home screen. Apple already gave the iPad a “Show App Library in Dock” toggle to do this, so why can’t the iPhone have one?

There isn’t even a known URL scheme assigned to the app library which would allow us to create a marker icon — which looks exactly like an app icon — for the home screen. The Apple TV remote before iOS 16.0 it was only available from Control Center, but now it can behave more like a real app with your new URL scheme. So why can’t we do the same for the app library on iPhones?

Users who use accessibility settings to interact with their devices may not find it easy to find and open the app library. If you’re having trouble swiping across the screen, you’re out of luck. There is no app library option for Back Tap, AssistiveTouchor the Accessibility Shortcutand asks Siri opening the app library will only frustrate you. When are we getting this, Apple?

Your only options for opening your app library faster on iPhone

As far as I know, there are only four options for faster access to the app library on your iPhone. They’re no better than some of the defunct methods I mentioned above, but they’ll do for now. Options 1 and 2 aren’t that great because they involve reconfiguring your home screen, so options 3 and 4 might be the best way to go.

Option 1: Limit your homepages

You can limit the number of home screen pages you have, so switching to the app library doesn’t take as long. This isn’t ideal if you like to have all your apps on the pages of your home screen. But if you only have two active home screen pages, it’s two little swipes to the left of the screen to open the app library.

Option 2: Hide your home pages

You can also hide home screen pages until you need them, which gives the same effect as option 1 above. This isn’t ideal either if you often access apps on hidden home screen pages. But if you like the App Library, you can create it with a single swipe to the left, and then reveal the pages of the home screen whenever you need or want.

Option 3: Use a two-swipe gesture

He iOS 16.0 and later, just tap and drag the search button above the dock to the right without letting go until you reach the last page of the home screen. Then release and swipe left to open the app library.

If you are hiding the search button on iOS 16.0 and later, or you haven’t updated to iOS 16 firmware yet, you’ll instead see dots above the dock, indicating all the pages on your home screen. Touch and drag the highlighted dot to the right until it stops, then swipe left on the last page of the home screen to open the app library. This is actually quite a bit faster than swiping the search button.

Option 4: Use voice control without any swipe

Siri may not be able to open the app library for you, but Voice Control the accessibility feature can. It might not be faster than the swipe options above, but it’s helpful if you don’t want to swipe.

You have more than a few options for opening and closing voice control.

  1. Go to Settings –> Accessibility –> Voice Control and then turn Voice Control on or off. However, that’s just more dragging.
  2. Add it to your Accessibility Shortcut (Settings –> Accessibility –> Accessibility Shortcut), so it’s just a triple click of the Home or Side button away. If you have more than one option assigned to a shortcut, tap Voice Control from the selection menu.
  3. Assign it to the Back Tap gesture (Settings –> Accessibility –> Touch –> Back Tap). Then double or triple tap the Apple logo on the back of your iPhone.
  1. Assign it to the AssistiveTouch gesture (Settings –> Accessibility –> Touch –> AssistiveTouch). Turn the feature on, then double-tap, triple-tap, or long-press the AssistiveTouch icon on the screen.
  2. Ask Siri. This is probably the fastest option. Use phrases like “Turn Voice Control On/Off,” “Turn Voice Control On/Off,” or “Start/Stop Voice Control,” to name a few.
  3. When voice control is enabled, it’s actually faster to force it to turn off by saying “Turn off voice control” or “Turn off voice control.” Obviously, voice control can’t be turned on by itself.

Now that you know how to enable and disable voice control, let’s use it to open the app library. Turn it on, then say one of the following phrases. If it doesn’t work, go to Settings –> Accessibility –> Voice Control –> Customize Commands –> Basic Navigation –> Open the app library and then turn on the “Enabled” switch.

  • “Open app library”
  • “Open app library”
  • “View app library”
  • “View app library”

Can we see better options? Maybe…

That’s as good as it gets for now (unless you want to Jailbreak your iPhone). The fastest swipe isn’t even great because you can accidentally hold the screen too long, causing the home screen editor to open. Maybe one day Apple will add at least one of the above suggestions, but who knows when.

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