How to properly clean the iPhone charging port

How to properly clean the iPhone charging port

How to properly clean the iPhone charging port

Clean your iPhone's charging port

If you’re having trouble trying to charge your iPhone and you’ve already checked your charging cable. It might be worth checking your phone’s charging port to make sure it’s free of lint or dirt. Sometimes you need to clean your iPhone’s charging port a little more thoroughly than just blowing into the port. So if you’re having trouble charging, backing up, or syncing your phone to your MacBook using a cable, cleaning it might fix the issues.

This quick guide will walk you through the process of properly cleaning your iPhone’s charging port, allowing you to charge, back up and sync your data once again. Any longtime iPhone owner will know that sometimes lint or lint from your pockets and clothes can sometimes get into the iPhone charging port require careful removal.

If you’re on the move, this is usually achieved by gently tapping the port to remove any lint or dirt from the charging port. However, in some cases even more deep clean is required and can be done relatively easily using a can of compressed air, a toothpick or a cotton swab. As long as you are very careful not to scratch the inner workings of the port.

Before you start

Before you start cleaning the iPhone charging port it is recommended that you turn off and turn off your phone by going to Settings > General > Shut down. Next, examine the charging port with a flashlight and, if you have one handy, a magnifying glass to see if you can visually locate the dirt or where the dirt is. This will make it much easier to remove rather than just aimlessly poking around or blowing on the port hoping your efforts will clear it.

As always, if you don’t feel comfortable cleaning the charging port on your iPhone, it’s always best to seek professional help from Apple Genius bar. Apple technicians will look and clean the port for you if you can visit an Apple Store. Although the care and maintenance of the charging port on your iPhone is quite simple and should not cause any problems if you are gentle. I find that using a can of compressed air is the best way to clean the port of any pocket debris and dirt, and eliminates the possibility of accidentally scratching any of the charging elements inside the port and causing even bigger problems with potentially expensive consequences.

iPhone charging port

Clean your iPhone’s charging port

Now you’re ready to start cleaning your iPhone’s charging port. If you have a can of compressed air available, simply attach the extension straw that came with the can (usually taped to the side of the can by the seller) to the nozzle. Then hold the can of air upside down and point the end of the straw directly at the opening, keeping it close enough to ensure air gets inside. Then, with one or two small quick blasts of air, try to remove the lint and dirt.

Wait a few seconds or check if it has been moved and then try again. Compressed air is very cold and sometimes causes liquid to eject from the can. This liquid will quickly evaporate and disappear, but it’s best not to soak your iPhone’s Lightning port.

Once you’re satisfied that the lint and dirt have been successfully removed, turn your iPhone back on and check if the charging and syncing issues you’re experiencing are now resolved. If not, repeat the process until charging resumes.

If it is the problem still exists after trying to clean the port a few times, you can try to remove the dirt with a toothpick or similar non-metallic instrument. Wrapped paper is also a handy way to try to gently remove any dirt, but just be careful not to leave any bits of paper behind. Roll the paper to a point and gently shake with a toothpick or the tip of the paper inside the charging port of your iPhone to remove any dirt that may be stuck.

If you’re still having problems after cleaning your iPhone’s charging port thoroughly, you may need to seek technical advice from Apple support website and Genius Bar technicians.

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