Huawei Mate 50 Pro tops Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark camera chart

Huawei Mate 50 Pro tops Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark camera chart

Huawei Mate 50 Pro tops Google Pixel 7 Pro DxOMark camera chart

Pixel 7 Pro have enjoyed a spot at the top of DxOMark’s Rating for performance among smartphones in the global market since release. However, now that Huawei Mate 50 Pro Released outside China, it has disrupted the dominance of the new Google flagship in these rankings.

newest mate-series The flagship has now replicated its predecessor achievements in this test system With its new 50+64+13MP triple rear shooter, enhanced with features such as OIS3.5x optical zoom and variable aperture technology.

DxOMark claims that these specifications subjectively provide “pleasant“Color reproduction (in good lighting) and bokeh on the 50 Pro, as well”Good“Details on High zoomnot to mention effective auto focus And “well controlled“Video in terms of panning.

Still, the 50 Pro, which would be top end The Mate-series version, set for 2022 on the international stage, was found to be less than perfect in terms of white balance; In addition, its new Ximage AI processing can be less than fast in some situations.

Still, these minor discrepancies weren’t enough to keep the Mate 50 Pro away from the final overall score of 149, Then again, its fresh D-Throne main Rival remains the cheapest of the two on the global scene, starts from US$900. According to in the US compared to the equivalent of ~US$1,190,

Apart from this, other challengers of the new Huawei flagship on paperrespect magic4 ultimate, may still have an edge as a complete mobile device that still has 5G connectivity and access to Google Play services. So, whether these compromises exceed clearly class-leading performance in the form of a mobile camera beast, remains to be seen.

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