I’m a hot doctor – but I wasn’t always ten

I’m a hot doctor – but I wasn’t always ten

I’m a hot doctor – but I wasn’t always ten

A female doctor makes a lasting impression on social media — and not just because of her medical degree.

Medina Culver, a Las Vegas-based family medicine physician, has partnered with more than 100,000 people. Instagram Followers He settles down on her when she’s 16 and now, she’s showing off her amazing “glow”.

In the photo series, the attractive 33-year-old has revealed a bunch of photos from her busy high school days – before she now cuts photos.

She captioned the clip, “Sometimes you’d be late to the party and life gets so great,” inspiring hundreds of fan-viewers to comment on her transformation.

In the now-rapidly viral video, the blonde doctor also noted that she has a natural beauty “without any surgery/fillers”.

But don’t get the misconception: This influencer doesn’t just share beauty tips. Culver often posts photos and videos about her life as a doctor – and how she got to where she is – with many people praising her accomplishments.

“Awesome,” one user wrote.

“You’re getting beautiful!” Another agreed.

In one of the videos, Culver posted reasons people told her she shouldn’t become a doctor when she was studying.

I’m a hot doctor – but I wasn’t always ten
Culver posts regularly about her life as a doctor.
Instagram / @drculver
Culver has been glowing since she was 16.
Culver has undergone a major transformation since she was sixteen years old.
Instagram / @drculver

“So beautiful, use your looks to become successful not your brain,” was one of the reasons she said she heard about it back in the day.

“As a female, you should focus on building your family and marriage before your career,” was another unsolicited piece of advice.

Meanwhile, Culver regularly documents her life after the divorce, being celibate in it 30 seconds Not having children.

“This stigma has to change. Kids are great when you’re ready. Family is great when you’re ready. If you’re not ready that’s okay,” she wrote in one comment. “Make your own damn mold.”

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