Important thing to know about Galaxy Fold software updates!

Important thing to know about Galaxy Fold software updates!

Important thing to know about Galaxy Fold software updates!

Samsung foldable phones have not been in the market for long. Just three years ago, Samsung launched its first commercial foldable phone, which is Galaxy Fold. The launch of the Galaxy Fold has not been smooth sailing – Samsung has allowed some glaring design flaws to pass into the final product and Finally had to delay the market release for a few months So you can fix those flaws.

This delay meant we got a device that was more durable than the original product, but unfortunately, Samsung The Galaxy Fold didn’t delay long enough to upgrade its software to the latest version available at the time. The Galaxy Fold was announced with Android 9.0 Pie in April 2019, and that’s what got it to work when it got into the hands of actual customers in September later that year.

It has received three Android upgrades since then and is currently up and running Android 12but what about Android 13? Is the latter coming to the original Galaxy Fold?

Android 12 is the last breakpoint for the OG Galaxy Fold

Galaxy Fold won’t update to Android 13 (and One UI 5.0), making it the only foldable device from Samsung for which Android 12 will be its last major update. It only qualifies for Three generations of operating system upgradeswhich many may find disappointing given the high price tag of the device, but it is what it is.

As for the rest of Samsung’s foldable devices, everything from the Galaxy Z Fold 2 to the original Galaxy Z Flip will get Android 13. Some of them will also get Android 14, Because it qualifies for four major OS upgrades. Or, to be precise, the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Z Flip phones from 2021 and 2022 will get Android 14.

As always, security updates will continue to roll out regularly to all of these devices for at least a year after their software has made the last major generational leap. But Galaxy Fold Reached the end of the streak again in late 2021 (Early 2022 For the fifth generation 5G(As far as interesting updates are concerned, device owners will have to keep using Android 12 until they move to a newer device) The Galaxy Z Fold 4 is excellent if you are looking for an upgrade).

Still rocking the original Galaxy Fold? Do you think he should get Android 13? Let us know in the comments!

Important thing to know about Galaxy Fold software updates!

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