Investigators use a GPS app on a man’s cell phone to track his stolen car

Investigators use a GPS app on a man’s cell phone to track his stolen car

Lincoln, Neb. (Colin) — Lincoln Police Department investigators said they tracked down a stolen vehicle through a GPS app on the victim’s cell phone.

On Monday around 2:28 a.m., the LPD responded to Hurts Donut Co., off 10th and P Streets, about a report of a stolen vehicle.

Police said a 41-year-old man parked his 2006 Dodge Charger on B Street, left the car unlocked and started it, and then noticed a woman he didn’t know watching his car as he got off.

According to the police, the man waited until I left and entered the shop.

LPD said the man looked out the window and saw the woman getting into his car. Police claimed the man ran down the stairs to his car and managed to open the passenger door as the woman walked away.

Inside the car was the man’s cell phone as he used a GPS tracking app and learned he was driving west on Interstate 34 outside Lincoln, according to police.

The LPD said the Nebraska State Patrol was notified and with the help of the Seward County Sheriff’s Office, they stopped the vehicle on Interstate 34 outside Waco, Nebraska.

According to the LPD, 30-year-old Kayla Steele has been taken into custody and is being held in the Seward County Jail.

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